Lesson 1562 – Lessons Learned from Charlotte’s Web – Chapter 21

Charlotte’s Web Chapter 21 Last Day

Charlotte and Wilbur are alone in the fair stall. Charlotte is getting weaker and weaker. She explains to Wilbur that he will live to see the different seasons. He won’t be killed. He’ll be okay.

But she won’t.

Wilbur wonders why Charlotte did all of this effort for him when he hadn’t done anything for her.

“You have been my friend,” replied Charlotte.

Wilbur tells Charlotte that life will be wonderful when they all get back to the farm. That’s when Charlotte tells him that she won’t be returning.

Wilbur can’t stand it and thrashes around in the straw. He wants to stay at the fair with Charlotte, but Charlotte reminds him that there would be no one there to feed him. No, Wilbur must go back to the farm.

If Charlotte couldn’t return then Wilbur decides to bring the egg sac back to the farm so that at least he can take care of her babies.

Wilbur can’t reach the egg sac and asks Templeton to get it for him.

As Mr. Zuckerman and Lurvy approach the stall, Templeton argues with Wilbur. “So it’s old Templeton to the rescue again is it?”

Only after Wilbur promises to give Templeton first access to his food trough back at the farm, Templeton agrees to get the egg sac. He hands it to Wilbur who manages to take it gently into his mouth (he had remembered that Charlotte told him it was waterproof) and gets into his crate to go back to the farm.

“Goodbye,” whispers Charlotte. The next day as the Ferris Wheel is taken down and the race horses were being led into their vans Charlotte died. No one ever knew the role a small grey spider played in saving Wilbur’s life.


Chapter 21 Lessons Learned


Because he is her friend is reason enough for Charlotte to help Wilbur.

Lesson Learned: Never underestimate the support of a good friend.


Charlotte convinces Wilbur that he has to go back to the barn. He reluctantly agrees.

Lesson Learned: It’s never easy to keep on going in the face of tragedy.


Wilbur can’t reach the egg sac and when he asks Templeton for help, Templeton reminds him that it seems they only want to acknowledge him when they need something from him.

Lesson Learned –. No one likes to feel used. Acknowledge often those who do things for you.


Wilbur takes the egg sac in his mouth, because he remembered Charlotte had said it was waterproof.

Lesson Learned –Pay attention to details.


Wilbur returns to the barn and Charlotte her job done and her life well lived dies the next day.

Lesson Learned – Be sure to appreciate those you love, you never know when you’re not going to see them again.



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