Lesson 1563 – Lessons Learned from Charlotte’s Web – Chapter 22

Charlotte’s Web Chapter 22 A Warm Wind

Wilbur returns to the Zuckerman’s barn. In the days that followed, he was very happy and grew to a great size. His medal is hung on the side of his pen for all to see.

Winter comes to the barn. Wilbur plays in the snow and breathes on Charlotte’s egg sac in order to keep it warm.

True to his word, Templeton gets to eat from Wilbur’s feed trough first. He also grows to a great size. “You would live longer,” said the old sheep, “if you ate less.”

Templeton patted his stomach. “Who wants to live forever?” sneered the rat. “I am naturally a heavy eater and I get untold satisfaction from the pleasures of the feast.”

Eventually the snows start melting and it seems like a new lamb is born every day. “I heard the frogs today,” said the old sheep one evening.

Charlotte’s egg sac begins to hatch with first one tiny spider coming out followed by many more. Eventually all of Charlotte’s children hatch and they spend days running around the egg sac and barn exploring all that is around

On one particularly warm day, when Zuckerman opens both barn doors, the warm updraft is perfect and the babies climb high, spin out some web to form a balloon and they jump into the wind.

Good Bye, Good bye, Good bye!

Wilbur is distraught until he discovers that 3 of Charlotte’s daughters have decided to stay with him to be his friend.

As time went on, and the months and years came and went, Wilbur was never without friends. Each spring there were new little spiders. But always two or three remained in the barn to set up homes in the doorway.

Wilbur never forgot Charlotte. It’s not often that someone comes along who is a true friend and a good writer. Charlotte was both


Chapter 22 Lessons Learned


Wilbur is there to witness the change of the seasons, something he wouldn’t have seen if not for Charlotte.

Lesson Learned: Appreciate each day for the gift that it is.


Templeton gets fat as a result of his inability to self-regulate.

Lesson Learned: The old sheep is right – You’ll live longer if you eat less.


The sheep knows that spring has arrived because she hears the frogs’ songs.

Lesson Learned –.Pay attention to the details of what’s happening in the world.


On a warm day, the baby spiders decide to leave.

Lesson Learned – How lucky it is to start a new adventure on a beautiful day.


Over the years, two or three of Charlotte’s family stay in the barn to be friends with Wilbur.

Lesson Learned – Good friends always look out for each other.


It’s not often that someone comes along who is a true friend and a good writer. Charlotte was both

Lesson Learned – Word.




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