Lesson 1561 – Lessons Learned from Charlotte’s Web – Chapter 20



Charlotte’s Web Chapter 20 The Hour of Triumph

 Wilbur is crated and taken over to the judges’ booth. The Zuckermans, Arables, and Lurvy move Wilbur from his crate into the judge’s booth. Mrs. Arable tells Avery to tuck his shirt in and to tighten his belt.

The judges tell of how Wilbur really is “some” pig. They acknowledge that there is something special about him and they appreciate what he has done to bring tourists to the area.

Charlotte listens from the stall, her front legs embracing her egg sac. She could hear everything and the words gave her courage. This was her hour of triumph, she knew she had saved Wilbur.

Wilbur faints from embarrassment at all the praise. Thinking that he might be dead, the judges consider not handing out the prizes. Templeton’s bite of Wilbur’s tail revives the pig and the crowd cheers once again.

Wilbur is given a bronze medal and Mr. Zuckerman is given $25. According to Mr. Zuckerman it was the greatest moment in his life.

Lurvy accidentally throws a bucket of water on Mr. Zuckerman and Avery who then proceeds to put on a comedic show for the audience. The crowd loves the performance.


Chapter 20 Lessons Learned


Mrs. Arable tells Avery to tuck his shirt in.

Lesson Learned: It never hurts to be presentable.


Fern asks for money and then runs off to ride the Ferris Wheel with Henry.

Lesson Learned: Boys tend to change the narrative.


Charlotte listens to the judge’s announcement from the pig pen and she is content knowing that Wilbur is now safe.

Lesson Learned – Even though mom’s not with you physically, she will always be with you.


Templeton revives Wilbur by biting his tail.

Lesson Learned – Sometimes you need a little kick (bite) in the butt to get going.


An award is given to Wilbur and money to Mr. Zuckerman. It was the greatest moment in Mr. Zuckerman’s life.

Lesson Learned –That feeling when a job well done has been noticed – it’s okay to embrace and feel good about that.


Avery puts on a show for the audience and makes them laugh.

Lesson Learned – Boys will be boys, sometimes it’s best to just laugh at them.




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