Lesson 1505 – 10K steps at the outlets


When you live in New Hampshire, you accept there is snow during the winter. For those of us who can’t maneuver as well in the snow and ice, it can present a bit of problem when it comes to walking. Roads are narrower due to snow build-up and even sidewalks are  icy. There are many days  it’s just not worth trying to get in a walk.

But one good thing is that our town hosts an outlet shopping center. It’s a loop of stores where the walkway is always plowed and salted. They even have music constantly playing so you don’t need to carry any ear buds.  Granted our outlet is at the top of a hill so it can be chilly, but if you plan for it (a hat and gloves is a must) then it’s not bad (at least not once you get going.)

Each loop is about 1.5K so 9 -10 laps around does a walk very nicely.

I have some walking friends who have met at the outlets to do a few loops and my daughter Emma and I have gone up a few times to get some steps in. Granted it’s no trek through the woods, but at least it gets us outside and walking. Here are some views from a recent 10K step walk at the outlets proving that there are interesting things everywhere, you just have to look.

An outdoor fireplace (that I have never seen lit)


Walker friends. (I’m the light blue on the left.)


Even rain will not hold me back as long as the ground is cleared to walk.


This is about as close as I could get to any signs of Spring.  sigh.


What would an outlet be without colorful strollers?


This particular outlet needed to be carved (blasted) from the rock (Granite State, remember) check out that vein.


If you’re lucky, you  might even come across some favorite childhood characters, like Lowly Worm here.



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2 responses to “Lesson 1505 – 10K steps at the outlets

  1. Shiet đã 2h trôi qua và tôi mới làm đc 8 lesson toàn mấy chap đầu còn nghe giảng. Tức là còn 5 chap nữa toàn nhữg chap ko nghe tí nào + İlave olarak Lesson 1505:

    "We've all been placed on this earth 2 discover our own path, & we'll never be happy if we live someone else's idea of life."

  2. Just last week, it occurred to me to use the Outlets for a relatively sheltered walking path. Except for the sheets of snow sliding off the roof edges, it was a fine spot. I’ll be back.

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