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Lesson 1505 – 10K steps at the outlets


When you live in New Hampshire, you accept there is snow during the winter. For those of us who can’t maneuver as well in the snow and ice, it can present a bit of problem when it comes to walking. Roads are narrower due to snow build-up and even sidewalks are  icy. There are many days  it’s just not worth trying to get in a walk.

But one good thing is that our town hosts an outlet shopping center. It’s a loop of stores where the walkway is always plowed and salted. They even have music constantly playing so you don’t need to carry any ear buds.  Granted our outlet is at the top of a hill so it can be chilly, but if you plan for it (a hat and gloves is a must) then it’s not bad (at least not once you get going.)

Each loop is about 1.5K so 9 -10 laps around does a walk very nicely.

I have some walking friends who have met at the outlets to do a few loops and my daughter Emma and I have gone up a few times to get some steps in. Granted it’s no trek through the woods, but at least it gets us outside and walking. Here are some views from a recent 10K step walk at the outlets proving that there are interesting things everywhere, you just have to look.

An outdoor fireplace (that I have never seen lit)


Walker friends. (I’m the light blue on the left.)


Even rain will not hold me back as long as the ground is cleared to walk.


This is about as close as I could get to any signs of Spring.  sigh.


What would an outlet be without colorful strollers?


This particular outlet needed to be carved (blasted) from the rock (Granite State, remember) check out that vein.


If you’re lucky, you  might even come across some favorite childhood characters, like Lowly Worm here.



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Lesson 1497 – Grandma Gatewood’s Walk

I mentioned this book on my Facebook page but I also want to let my blog readers know about it.

I recently had (yet) another birthday (don’t ask) and as per my request I got several books (is there really any other gift to give me?) As I’m still getting over this coughing crud, I had plenty of time to sit and read. (I can think of no better medicine.)

grandmaOne book in particular looked interesting and so I picked it up and started reading.

I was still reading at 11:00 at night when I finally coughed myself to sleep.

And then I got up the next morning to read some more.

The book – Grandma Gatewood’s Walk – the inspiring story of the woman who saved the Appalachian Trail – written by Ben Montgomery, is the story of Emma Gatewood, a 67 year old mother of 11, grandmother of 23 who, in 1955, decided to walk the entire length of the Appalachian trail starting in Georgia and ending in Maine.

Emma had spent most of her life in an abusive marriage where her husband would routinely beat her to the point of injury. Broken ribs, cracked teeth, bloody head – when her kids were finally old enough, she stood up to her husband and was granted a divorce. Continue reading

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Lesson 1495 – 10K and a Twenty – Nashua, NH


10K and a Twenty

Sojourneying one step at a time

For my first mini-10K journey, I decided to visit the city of Nashua, NH located southeast to our town and considered one of the “big” cities in New Hampshire  (it’s more like a winding and very-active town.) Nashua is right above the Mass border. At it’s furthest end, it supports a large shopping mall where many come to take advantage of our “no-sales tax” merchandise (Live Free or Die) and at the end closest to our town, it simply looks like an extension of what we already have. Houses, land, trees.

The center of Nashua proper is the main street that runs through the old mill, downtown section, it’s where the major commerce is – restaurants, boutiques, bars, – The city has done a lot to revitalize the shopping area and by all accounts, Nashua has it going on. Very cool, very hip.

When Griffin and I completed our border to border walk this summer, we passed through Nashua, but as we were talking to the mayor, we didn’t have much time to look around. This time I took my time – that’s what walking allows you to do. Continue reading

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Lesson 1402 – F*ckin’ Snakes on a husband


This weekend Marc and I went to Concord for its annual street festival. It’s always a lot of fun. We got to see tons of crafts and taste food from around the world while working on our daily 10K step count. Win, win, win.

Lucky, lucky us, we arrived right in time for the reptile show. “Look” said Marc as he pointed to a crowd.

I looked, but didn’t see much more than a group of people. Then all of the sudden, like those 3-D pictures, the underlying message suddenly popped out. There was a guy standing there with a HUGE snake around his neck. My heart immediately started beating faster, my voice got higher, and my legs prepared to run (when it comes to fight or flight for snakes, I’m definitely in the flight category.)

“Will you take my picture?” Marc asked me. I figured I could do that for him as long as I stood a few yards away, after all I am a grown woman, right? It was only after I said yes that I realized there was ANOTHER SNAKE just to the right of me. I was surrounded by snakes and my husband wanted me to take his picture.

“These aren’t the ones that bite, these are the ones that squeeze you to death,” he said trying to comfort me.

Oh. Fantastic. Continue reading

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Lesson 1401 – Can Day



Today is Can Day and we’re all very excited about that.

Obviously this statement needs a little bit of a backstory. I am on a 10-day cleanse that had been recommended to me by my Lyme Disease doc. I did it a year ago and after gaining so much weight while my mother was in hospice, and after participating in our family rib-off, I decided that the time was right to do it again.

It’s nothing horribly drastic. In its essence it includes clean food with supplements added. The supplements are fairly potent with regard to vitamins and minerals (neon yellow pee) which is why it’s very important to drink at least 3 quarts a day of water while on this cleanse (which also means you need to scope out where bathrooms are when you leave the house), but when it is over, your body is basically recharged with what it needs. Go forth and conquer.

I’ve been posting pictures of what I eat on my Facebook page, but here’s a typical example of a meal while on this cleanse. Last year when I did this, I ate animal protein, this year I’m going all out and doing vegan.


Looks pretty yummy, right? Continue reading

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