Lesson 380 – A little flock here, a little flock there

More rain.

Instead of taking my room apart like Emma is and discovering things like a musical princess book she was given when she was a toddler, I have instead decided to pull out some more of my chicken items.

I discovered a previously unused narrow ledge on the second floor of our house that turned out to be a perfect place to store some of the littler chickens in my growing collection. Now when you look up, you are greeted by a small chicken parade marching from one wall to another. Move over, Make Way for Ducklings.

In this particular grouping, we have several participants.

That little black and red cock is actually a gift from a high school friend who is now an OUTSTANDINGLY creative author: take a bow Karen Romano Young. She sent it to me when I had made a request for a tiny chicken I could tuck into my medicine bag prior to some surgery. I fear for the tiny rooster’s even tinier comb which is soft and can be easily bent, so the chicken now sits safely, a silent sentry for all family activities below.

The green set are a pair that Spencer found at the local Goodwill. At least once a month we load the car up with clothes that kids have outgrown, toys and stuffed animals no longer needed, and general items we have no further use for and bring them to the Goodwill.

Each time we go the goal is to come home with less then we dropped off. As one who LOVES a bargain, this isn’t as easy as it might sound. Last time I was there I dropped off two large garbage bags of things and came home with a red leather purse, some earrings, and these two little chickens. They’re those Wade figurines found in boxes of tea.

Spencer originally found the sitting hen and when I asked him to see if there were any more (I was actually wondering about a nest with babies or eggs in it) he triumphantly unearthed the rooster. The now dubbed Spencer-pair, perfect to add to our ever growing collection.

And lastly, the bright yellow plastic chicks? A yard sale find by Emma who is able to spot a chicken item a mile away (no kidding, we’ve driven by yard sales and she’s been able to spot all things chickens).

None of the chickens match in size, shape, or composition and yet, they all work together well. A flock within the flock that is our flock.


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