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Lesson 896 – A shoot of a different kind

This Thursday the Merrimack Library Trustees (of which I am one) are holding a Turkey Shoot.

Honestly, I don’t know if this is a New Hampshire thing or not, but having grown up in Connecticut I can truthfully tell you that I have never attended a “Turkey Shoot” (nor had I *ever* attended a wedding where they played that “Chicken Dance” song – don’t even get me started about that one.)

By definition a “turkey shoot” is: noun, informal

1. a situation, typically in a war, in which one side has an overwhelming advantage.

Nope, no birds are going to be injured in this event (except the ones that are already frozen), instead what we’ll be doing is holding raffles for all the parts of a holiday turkey dinner including: Continue reading


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Lesson 487 – A half dozen delicate soap eggs

Sometimes when you have chickens people give you the most beautiful things.

A friend stopped over yesterday for some eggs and she handed me a small egg carton filled with light blue soap eggs. The eggs looked very much like the ones, our Easter Egger: Zelda lays – a beautiful light blue in color. These, however, are Linden Leaves soap eggs and the description reads “with bran to exfoliate, olive leaf extract for it’s healing, toning properties, and cypress to simulate the circulatory system.” Continue reading


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Lesson 387 – a red-letter day for chickens

Last night Marc and I were at a party (great food, great music, great folks, and we got to see their chickens! – thanks Rick and Jemi) where I was gifted with this delightful epilectic-seizure-inducing-squeezy chick.

They knew I had chickens. They knew I would love it.

They were right.

If you have kids or have ever spent anytime around kids, you know what these strobe things do. My kids love them and over the years we’ve had several balls and worm-like things that blink when you shake them. Inside,there’s a little mechanical ball that when activated makes for a mini-strobe light effect. It’s very rave.

But it also, of course, makes this the the BEST THING EVER to have at a party, at night, outdoors. (which is exactly where I was.)

What’s that? People asked me of the blinking baby chick in my hand.

This? Oh, it’s a blinking baby chick.


No, I actually did hear crickets, the party was outside, remember?

Anyway, one thing led to another and as chicken owners know, eventually all conversations turn to chickens.

Was it considered cruel to cook chicken on the grill in front of the chickens? No.

Would you like some more of the curried chicken? All set thanks.

Oh look, there’s a rooster on this wine bottle! I know, we brought it, did you think I’d bring the one with the naked feet on it when I own, wait for it…. chickens!!

How many chickens did you say you had? 40.

Does it take a lot of work to raise chickens? Not really, but why don’t you grab a beer and I’ll tell you about some of our experiences.

As Marc and I were leaving, a woman came up to me.

Could I have your card?, she said. I’m thinking about getting chickens and I’d love to read up on them.

It’s a red-letter day when you get to eat outstanding food, are given a blinking chick toy, get to meet new friends,listen to local music, and are able to spread the good word about chickens.

A red-letter day indeed.


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Lesson 380 – A little flock here, a little flock there

More rain.

Instead of taking my room apart like Emma is and discovering things like a musical princess book she was given when she was a toddler, I have instead decided to pull out some more of my chicken items.

I discovered a previously unused narrow ledge on the second floor of our house that turned out to be a perfect place to store some of the littler chickens in my growing collection. Now when you look up, you are greeted by a small chicken parade marching from one wall to another. Move over, Make Way for Ducklings.

In this particular grouping, we have several participants.

That little black and red cock is actually a gift from a high school friend who is now an OUTSTANDINGLY creative author: take a bow Karen Romano Young. She sent it to me when I had made a request for a tiny chicken I could tuck into my medicine bag prior to some surgery. I fear for the tiny rooster’s even tinier comb which is soft and can be easily bent, so the chicken now sits safely, a silent sentry for all family activities below.

The green set are a pair that Spencer found at the local Goodwill. At least once a month we load the car up with clothes that kids have outgrown, toys and stuffed animals no longer needed, and general items we have no further use for and bring them to the Goodwill.

Each time we go the goal is to come home with less then we dropped off. As one who LOVES a bargain, this isn’t as easy as it might sound. Last time I was there I dropped off two large garbage bags of things and came home with a red leather purse, some earrings, and these two little chickens. They’re those Wade figurines found in boxes of tea.

Spencer originally found the sitting hen and when I asked him to see if there were any more (I was actually wondering about a nest with babies or eggs in it) he triumphantly unearthed the rooster. The now dubbed Spencer-pair, perfect to add to our ever growing collection.

And lastly, the bright yellow plastic chicks? A yard sale find by Emma who is able to spot a chicken item a mile away (no kidding, we’ve driven by yard sales and she’s been able to spot all things chickens).

None of the chickens match in size, shape, or composition and yet, they all work together well. A flock within the flock that is our flock.

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Lesson 377 – a teeny, tiny chicken family

Time for a little chicken-thing post (and this time I mean “little”).

First let me say, to those who have sent me chicken-things, I’ll eventually get to them, just because I haven’t posted about them doesn’t mean that I don’t love them and keep them on our shelves. I do, it’s just that I can only keep so many balls in my mind’s air at one time. At some point I’ll be writing about all my chickens.

This week’s chicken-things were given to me by my good friend Gina Rosati (who just happens to have a YA book: Auracle coming out in the summer of 2012.)   Gina had read about my medicine bag and decided to get me not one, not two, but three teeny, tiny chickens just the perfect size for tucking in a small bag filled with good intentions.

The first two chickens are a pair consisting of a silver-tone hen with a matching rooster. The rooster is stoically sitting staring straight ahead trance-like thinking about how it’s just so sad that there will never be any more Girl with the Dragon tattoo books, while the hen is semi-upright yelling for the chicks, “hey it’s dinner time! come home – wash your hands and help set the table. NOW!”

Not only did Gina send over these two stunning chickens but she also sent an improbably tiny glass chicken with a marbled glass body, red comb and wattle, and blue wings and feet. In this photo, the little one is making himself be seen, oh, he’s front and center, bathing in the glory that is his, not paying a bit of attention to his mom’s yelling. Besides, he’s not hungry right now, he’ll come back later when he’s good and ready, after he’s met with his friends down by the ball park. The hen, exasperated by it all turns her eyes toward the heavens, “Give me strength” she pleads to the God of chickens she desperately hopes is listening.

And the rooster, continuing to be lost in thought, doesn’t even flinch.

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Lesson 372 – A geeky chicken statue – why not?

Yes, the chickens are still pecking at each other, yes our large black hen is still limping (but fully comfortable as she can get around fine on one foot) and yes, our littlest; Alkaia is still just drop dead adorable.

Not much has happened since yesterday which is why I thought it would be a great time to show you one in the many of my CHICKEN THINGS.

One of the greatest benefits of having chickens is that people tend to give you chicken related items. I’ve gotten chicken clothing, towels, bags, Christmas ornaments, figurines, decorations, and refrigerator magnets and I love them all.

Recently a friend of ours (hi Em!) came up to visit in order to take some photos of our chickens. When I came downstairs to greet her at the door she handed me a 2 foot tall Geeky Gal which looks like this:

Our very own Geeky Gal

It’s perfect! Fabulous colors, a great sense of humor, it bobbles, and SHE’S A CHICKEN!!!! This gal kind of epitomizes the entire children/chicken ride we’ve been having – little wiggly at times but overall something that just makes you smile.

Our Geeky Gal has found a home on our front porch. How perfect is it for me to have a chicken-lady statue greeting all who come to our house?

Honestly, would you expect anything less at our home?

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Lesson 271 – The fabulous bobblebody chicken

I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again. There are so many, many perks to having chickens besides the obvious one of getting a constant supply of clean, nutritious eggs.

There’s the companionship part (and yes, chickens make really cool, intelligent pets). There’s the amusement factor, the recycling of kitchen scraps aspect, and (clearly one of the best) the fact that when you have chickens people like to send you chicken related things.

My mother-in-law Phyllis Nozell recently sent me this gorgeous life size bobble chicken. When you tap it the body moves back and forth like it is pecking at something in front of it. It’s what chickens do when they are released to the lawn. Peck and bobble, peck and bobble. Continue reading


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