Lesson 275 – Another Chickey Cantor MNC Uber Entertainment Update

We have another update on Chickey Cantor, our chicken named by Uber Entertainment in return for supplying two game passes to some of Griffin’s friends who had gotten into a car accident (if you haven’t read the story, you really should, it’s the kind of thing that will warm your heart).

Chickey Cantor

If you remember, they used a photo of our chicken in a Valentine’s day update to the Monday Night Combat game. For Griffin, who lives and breathes gaming, this had been an all time highlight in his life.

Screen shot from MNC video

Until what happened next.

This past weekend was PAXEast 2011 in Boston. For those not familiar PAXEast is a holy gathering of all things gaming related for people on the East Coast. Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy myself a good game now and then, a Christmas gift of the game MASTERPIECE when I was a kid was one of my most treasured possessions, but the people who were at this exposition are into games – obsessively and totally into games. They can’t help it, for them it’s not just a lifestyle choice, they were born this way.

Those that went included my husband, Marc and my sons, Spencer and Griffin. Each night, when they returned, I counted the times I heard the word “awesome” until my head started spinning and I just gave up. Needless to say, they were in their element. (so much so that Marc was discussing the possibility of his buying a utilikilt – essentially it’s a man skirt for those who almost always shop in the plus size department – it took a little to talk him down but I think we’re good now, and besides, I’m not sure a skirt with all your lovelies hanging out is the best thing to wear when you’re hanging around a flock of chickens – you know what I mean?).

Uber Entertainment was there along with Eka who had agreed to be interviewed for the Chickey Cantor Post. Griffin was well received. He introduced himself and when they realized that he was “Griffin, the guy with the chicken” hands were shook and a group photo was taken. (can I just say that this photo has already been passed on to other folks on the school robotics team who are in righteous awe?) Griffin, who hopes to work in the field of game design someday was literally over the moon. He hasn’t stopped grinning.

Uber Entertainment with Griffin

Griff bought a Monday Night Combat sweatshirt (and for his teachers at school – we’re calling that bullet cartridge on the sweatshirt a tube of Blue Raspberry lipstick so it’s all good – just sayin’ (be advised however, that his “Blow Me” tee shirt is staying at home) which he hasn’t taken off since. The guys at Uber gave him a MNC hat which they then all signed.

Over the years Griffin has met and gotten autographs from some pretty famous people like Hillary and Bill Clinton, John Kerry, and yes, even Chuck Norris but nothing and I mean NOTHING that he’s done in his life compares to meeting heroes in the field where he wants to spend his life.

There is talk of incorporating some aspect of a chicken into Monday Night Combat but I’ve been sworn to secrecy. If and when it becomes public, you’ll get all the details here.

This is a picture of Griffin’s hat that was signed by the Uber Entertainment folks.

And here is a picture of a happy, happy, kid.



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8 responses to “Lesson 275 – Another Chickey Cantor MNC Uber Entertainment Update

  1. Hey sis: Perhaps we should have a trip out to see you again, gosh, Griffin looks so much older and more mature than the last time I saw him.

    Congratulations on helping Grif get a new handle as the “guy with the chicken”–which–might stick with him for longer than he would like. In Viet Nam it would be ga (gaww–like awe); the Ga-Guy. Perhaps that is more gamer-like. Peg

  2. Suddenly Jamie (@suddenlyjamie)

    This is just an “awesome” story. 😉
    I love that the dev team got so into the project with Griffin … and I love seeing him so happy. I wish I’d known so clearly at that age what “turned me on.”

    I hope there’s more chicken goodness in the video game world.
    Can’t wait to hear what happens next!

  3. Cristi Comes

    My husband John is one of the Uber Entertainment team who met Griffin. It makes me so proud that their company loves the fans so much and go out of their way to spread their happiness to all the MNC fans. It’s fortunate to love what you do, and these guys really do. Your son is lucky to know his passion. 🙂

    • Wendy Thomas


      Welcome to the flock! This whole event was such an exciting time for Griffin. I am so very impressed with Uber Entertainment and how they have handled this. What a great group of people with an outstanding sense of compassion and pride for others.

      We can all learn many lessons on how to treat those in your community from them,


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