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Lesson 530 – PAX East, Gamers, and a Mom who Appreciates the Community

Yesterday, Easter morning, I spent it in Boston going to a gaming convention with two of my more geekier (but still adorable) sons. And I had a blast.

Spencer and Griffin had specifically come home from college to not only grab an Easter basket, but to go to PAX East. A three day celebration of all things-games. Each morning at 7 am, they and Marc left for Boston and didn’t return until well after 10 pm. If you are at all into games (Spencer has a gaming blog (which is an amazing story in itself), and Griffin wants to work in the gaming field) then this is the place for you. Beta games are rolled out, there are demos of just released games and tons of gaming “swag” (like buttons and codes for downloadable games or items for games.)

It is a gamer’s paradise.

Which is why I, who even stinks at Tetris, was very happy to hold down the fort in New Hampshire, while they all went. I mean, I like me a good game, but I tend to steer toward games like Apples to Apples, Farkle, and that old favorite board game: Masterpiece (Played it over and over and over and I credit it for some of my art education.)

Griffin with a chick *not* from our flock.

But then Griffin, who talked to Eka (Chandana Ekanayake – his Good Egg interview is here) of Uber Entertainment makers of the world’s best game: Monday Night Combat, told me that he was given two exhibitors passes by the Uber crew. Eka wanted to meet me (and truth was, I was also dying to meet him.) Continue reading

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Lesson 303 – Small town chicken – Chickey Cantor – does good

This is the update of a story to beat all updates. You remember our Good Egg chicken “Chickey Cantor” who was named by the folks at Uber Entertainment for an announcer character (Mickey Cantor – see what they did there?) in Monday Night Combat? It was my High School son- Griffin’s request that started the whole ball (egg?) rolling when he proposed to the devs that they could name one of our chickens in exchange for two passes to the MNC for his friends who had been in a car accident (no one got hurt, just vehicle damage) and thus lost much of their discretionary fund to car repairs.

The devs thought this was a great idea. So Good Egg  Eka (Chandana Ekanayake) answered my interview questions (a “Good Egg” requirement), I got the write up on my blog, Griffin’s friends got their passes and we, as a family, got to name one of our fabulous and well taken care of chickens; “Chickey Cantor”.

MNC's Chickey Cantor

That alone is a good story. Very cool when you are a High School kid who thinks a good time is going to all night LANs with his friends.

But it didn’t stop there. Continue reading


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Lesson 275 – Another Chickey Cantor MNC Uber Entertainment Update

We have another update on Chickey Cantor, our chicken named by Uber Entertainment in return for supplying two game passes to some of Griffin’s friends who had gotten into a car accident (if you haven’t read the story, you really should, it’s the kind of thing that will warm your heart).

Chickey Cantor

If you remember, they used a photo of our chicken in a Valentine’s day update to the Monday Night Combat game. For Griffin, who lives and breathes gaming, this had been an all time highlight in his life.

Screen shot from MNC video

Until what happened next.

This past weekend was PAXEast 2011 in Boston. For those not familiar PAXEast is a holy gathering of all things gaming related for people on the East Coast. Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy myself a good game now and then, a Christmas gift of the game MASTERPIECE when I was a kid was one of my most treasured possessions, but the people who were at this exposition are into games – obsessively and totally into games. They can’t help it, for them it’s not just a lifestyle choice, they were born this way. Continue reading


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Project Chickens before the Eggs – Lesson 255 – Chickey Cantor makes her mark in the world

Our newest celebrity chicken “Chickey Cantor” –  a name given to her by the good folks at Uber Entertainment makers of Monday Night Combat – has already made the world a better place for her having been here (and isn’t that what we should all be striving to do in our lives?)

After the Good Egg interview had run there was talk of mentioning Chickey in the actual Monday Night Combat video game. One person on Twitter tweeted that if the developers did that he would donate to Child’s Play a charitable organization for the online gaming community that tries to get video games into the hands of kids at hospitals and clinics who could use a little distraction and cheering up. Continue reading


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252 – Good Egg Interview with MNC’s Chandana Ekanayake – Chickey Cantor

Sometimes you read a story that is just filled with all kinds of goodness. This is one of them.

For those who have been following our flock you know that when an author has completed an interview with me they then have had the honor of having one of our chickens named after them. As a result we have in our flock, Chris-Bohjalian, Jodi-Picoult, Meg-Cabot, Janet-Evanovich, Judy-Blume, A.S.-King, Sy-Montgomery, Lee-Goldberg, and Karen-Romano-Young chickens.

We affectionately refer to these birds as our “literary-chicks”. They are incredible ambassadors for the backyard poultry world as well as for the kids-should-read-these-really-great-books world. As many of you know, our chickens are so much more than “just” chickens.

The other night at the dinner table, my son Griffin was talking about an online video game he had been playing called Monday Night Combat and which he had convinced several members of his F.I.R.S.T robotics team to try. Two members of the team (brothers) were going to buy the game but then they got into a car accident (no one was hurt and apparently – according to Griffin anyway – it was not the boys’ fault). All extra cash that might have gone to any games was now going to go into truck repairs.

It’s a tough lesson but it’s the way of life boys. Sometimes things don’t go the way you planned.

Griffin planned on writing to the gaming developers to see if they would freely give two game codes out for his friends. It was a nice gesture, a really nice gesture on the part of my son but the pragmatist in me had to ask, “Sweetheart what’s in it for them? What do they get out of giving you these codes? What would be their motivation?”

“Is there something you can offer in return for these codes?” I asked Griffin, “Can you offer to help with some sort of game development?” – an area he wants to go into.

“Mom, I’m a High School senior – these guys are … game developers!”

To which I replied with my standard worn-to-the-bone-over-the-years response– “Well you’re a smart kid, I’m confident you can come up with something.”

A while later Griffin called me to his room to read a letter he had written to the developers. In it he had offered them the opportunity to name one of our chickens anything they wanted and have an interview on this blog in return for the two codes.

“Now you’re talking, I told him.” He sent the email with my blessings.

The developers agreed to the request and sent two game codes which have already been distributed and the boys are all now spending many (many) happy hours online locked in mortal combat.

In return, we are now have a Monday Night Combat named chicken and an interview.

I’m deviating from my normal author themed interviews for two reasons:

  • First of all, my son Griffin is a class act. When he made the proposition to the developers he indicated that even if they didn’t send the codes, he would still be buying the game for his friends. He said that because that’s what considerate friends do.
  • Second, the game developers are a class act. They didn’t have to send free game codes but they recognized the uniqueness and intent of the request. They were reaching out to their gaming community. They did it because that’s what considerate game developers do.

In the game there is an announcer whose name is Mickey Cantor. An online description of Mickey has this to say about the character:

Mickey Cantor, AKA “Mr. Controversy”, has survived six assassination attempts (two of them successful) to become the “most insightful MNC announcer in history”. At some point in his past, he worked as a male dancer. Mickey has a checkered history including several personal scandals and arrests for non-violent criminal behavior. From his announcements in-game, it can be determined that he is divorced, and may have a gambling problem. He is currently calling games out of his prison cell in Mexico as part of a plea agreement.”

No one ever sees Mickey but he’s an integral part of the game, a life force as necessary as the intake of breath.

Given free reign over their chicken’s name, the developers have decided to name her “Chickey Cantor” (okay high points right there for a great sense of humor). And everyone is so tickled with the idea of a chicken living in New Hampshire with the name of “Chickey Cantor” that there is even talk of incorporating her into the game.

How cool are these people? Definitely chicken-worthy.

So bottom line, mamas – go ahead and let your sons (and daughters) grow up to be game developers. It’s not a bad gig. Gaming is not all just about fighting and weapons and mass annihilation, it’s also clearly about inventiveness, imagination, looking out for those within your community, and most importantly, heart.

That’s not such a bad way to live your life. Continue reading


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Chickey Cantor Update

For those of you who have asked: Yes. We will be naming a chicken of ours “Chickey Cantor” (and now that I know a little about the game – Monday Night Combat– I think it’s a brilliant name). Very impressed with this game’s developers and community.

It’s a great story and it deserves to be told. I’m waiting for the interview questions to be returned and when they are the full introduction of Chickey to the world will take place early next week.

Thanks for your interest and concern – know that Chickey is part of a wonderful well loved flock who has added tremendous joy to our lives. While you’re here if you haven’t seen this fan art by Prinny Ordinary of Chickey with Mickey – check it out.

This is what Chickey looked like when she was a baby.

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