Project Chickens before the Eggs – Lesson 201 – baby chick needs a new pair of shoes

When the kids were younger and they started to outnumber the parents in the house. Things started getting a little hectic. In between diaper changes (our worst was three in diapers at one time) and more diaper changes, we had to keep them in relatively clean clothes, fed, and in shoes that fit.

The clothes part was pretty easy, you do a load of wash – you have a whole new selection of clean clothes. Feeding them was also not a problem, we made good use of our blender and many times we made our own pureed baby food. When they got older, we gave them “real people” food just in smaller bites.

The shoes however, sigh, the shoes. We thought we had been on top of the situation.

One morning, I realized it was tough to get on a pairs of tiny little sneakers. I think we need new shoes here I said to Marc.

That weekend we took our son to the local shoe store (nothing but the best right?) to find out that not only did he need new shoes but he needed new shoes that were a size that was 1 and 1 half larger than what we had been trying to stuff his little (large) foot into. Poor kid. Bad mommy.

From then on we had more frequent shoe checks and none of our kids ever had to suffer again.

The end.

Except that in a karma kind of way, it has happened again but this time it’s happened with our chickens.

We have banded all our birds so we can tell them apart, The band we use are those plastic ones for full grown hens. They are coiled and will wrap around the hens’ legs. Which is where they are supposed to be worn, on the leg above what would be considered the ankle.

This is where the band is supposed to be

This weekend, while we were out in the henhouse winterizing it, I noticed that one of our birds was roosting with her leg tucked under her. Now this is not strange behavior in itself, I’ve seen cold birds hop from one frozen foot to the next.

But this didn’t look like that. I moved to get a better view and that’s when I saw that the plastic band had slipped (I still don’t know how) over one of her talons resulting in it being at a very sharp angle and causing her leg skin to shear.

Although it's blurry you can see the leg damage here

The sweet thing had her foot retracted because she was in pain. Poor chick. Bad mommy.

We picked her up and gently removed the band. The foot although raw and sore did not appear to look infected. (although remember, I’m not a real vet, I only play one on TV) We put her back in with the flock and while she is still favoring the leg, she is starting to gingerly put weight back on the foot as she walks.

Apparently what goes around, comes around and the world has decided that we didn’t learn our lesson the first time. From now on we will have more frequent band checks and none of our birds will ever have to suffer again.

Hopefully this time, it’s The end.


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One response to “Project Chickens before the Eggs – Lesson 201 – baby chick needs a new pair of shoes

  1. Karen W

    Awww! Poor chick..who could have known!

    I remember when we were younger my mom took us to a shoe store in Bethel where they would x-ray your feet in the shoes to see how they were fitting! Good idea, except for the radiation! I was never that good at squishing the toe of the shoe to feel the kids toes. We were in the “wrong size” once or twice. No lasting damage thankfully!

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