Let me tell you how much I despise Fox “News”

Those of you who follow my blog know that my daughters are the Presidential Selfie Girls. Last summer we took them all over the New Hampshire listening to every single presidential candidate. At each stop they got a selfie with the candidate. Until the challenge was completed it was non-partisan. It gave my daughters (and many who were following them) a wonderful education about the primary process in New Hampshire.

And then Fox and Friends comes along and does this:


fake selfie


Absolute lies. I called this out on Twitter and now it’s on Facebook and Snapchat. Fox and Friends took an internet troll’s attempt at a meme and reported it as factual “news.” (Seriously?) And they “reported” that the girls wrote the notation on the photo. OUTRIGHT HURTFUL LIES. No fact checking, no realizing that Fox had actually interviewed the Presidential Selfie Girls on their own network. As long as it is something against Hillary, it sells.

Sloppy, sloppy reporting (if you can even call it that.)

Fox took a non-partisan activity where two teens went out and listened to all of the candidates and then tried to soil it. I don’t care which candidate you support, this is so wrong on so many levels.

As a journalist, as a person, and as a mother, I can’t tell you the depth of my hatred for “Fox News.”

Here is the original selfie:



This is the official Selfie when the girls announced that they SUPPORT Hillary.

official hillary selfie

And here is where the girls are featured in this month’s issue of Seventeen Magazine (and I might add that Fox and Friends could learn a thing or two from Seventeen Magazine, an editor actually called me and fact checked the article *before* it went to press.)


Go visit the Presidential Girls’ website where you can see *all* of the photos the girls took during their selfie challenge.



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5 responses to “Let me tell you how much I despise Fox “News”

  1. I feel stupid typing this but I can’t believe even Fox would show such disregard for basic journalism.

    Anyway, your daughters had a fantastic idea. Great project. They must be very happy with their work. (And you must be so proud.)

  2. pegthomas

    So horrifying to be used like this.

  3. I am disturbed that this happened!–and agree that Fox News slants everything terribly. But I love how your daughters went about things, got the info, and made their own decisions–great parenting on your part, fine responsible action on theirs! And they got due notice from a reputable magazine. Thank you for sharing this!

  4. I am absolutely disgusted, appalled and horrified by the way Fox has completely misreported this – but I am not surprised.
    The Murdoch press deals only in what I can only call gutter journalism. It doesn’t have to be true as long as it sells and it helps their agenda. And that agenda is control of the political systems in The US, Great Britain, Australia, and wherever else he can get his dirty hands into.
    Biased reporting – lies, actually – are what they excel at. It is only through the public rising up through social media and other forms of protest here in Australia that their chosen party didn’t get the majority government Murdoch expected just this month. They twisted every story with lies and propaganda against the opposition parties and independent candidates. Murdoch’s main newspaper in NSW, The Daily Telegraph, had 39 out of 40 headlines that fraudulently attacked the opposition, and their radio & TV networks were no better.
    I have been following the story of your daughters and their selfies with candidates and what a great thing it was, and I do hope that the truth will come out. I feel for you all.

  5. Sandy Kavanaugh

    Wendy, I am so sorry that this dispicable network used your own daughters for spreading more dirt on this campaign. They are to be commended for taking such an active role in one of the most important events in an Americans life- the presidential campaign. I’m sure any attorney could advise you and your girls about misuse of your print media. Goodness knows, Fox News can certainly pay for what they’ve done.

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