Lesson 1406 – I shall call her Tarzan

The girls have plenty of food and water so it’s not that. This spring’s new chicks seem to be getting along with everyone. I can’t even blame it on the weather as we’ve had a very mild summer.

I have nothing to explain why Lilly has gone big time broody on us. She now lives in the rabbit hutch and only comes out once in awhile for food and water. If I try to move her she pecks at me – that little hen really wants to be there. So as long as she is getting food, I’ll let her stay. Who am I to change anyone’s compulsive behavior?

That's one impressive stink-eye.

That’s one impressive stink-eye.

And then we have this one. My chicken that likes to climb trees and which earned her the name of Hawkeye. I thought she had broken this habit, but last night I followed her across the road at dusk and sure enough, this is what I found.

That dark blob is a chicken.

That dark blob is a chicken.

Apparently she’s found a safe spot because she comes back to the coop each morning.

God speed Hawkeye, I think I’m going to start appending “Tarzan” to your name.


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2 responses to “Lesson 1406 – I shall call her Tarzan

  1. pamladds

    One of my banties prefers a tree to the coop at night. Does not really meet with my approval as we have marauding critters that could easily polish her off. She now roosts low enough for me to pick her out, and march to join the others but back when she was young and flighty it took a hose to remove her. But the good news is that she is no longer broody when she parks herself up a tree!!

  2. I have a broody cockatiel. She doesn’t get a tree just a corner on a low shelf. Poor Riley. Can’t say it looks comfy but it’s hers I guess.

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