Never too old for Christmas magic

And how do we conclusively know that Santa has arrived (except for the many toys, music, warm clothes, and new books strewn across our living room floor)?

Why each Christmas Eve when Santa comes to our house to deliver gifts, before he leaves he places a candy cane Christmas bouquet on the bedroom doors of all of our sleeping children. It’s the first sign of Holiday magic the children see when they open their doors early (very early) on Christmas morning.

I don’t care how old or even how cynical you may have become over the years, there is always that small flutter of the heart, the start of an enormous smile, a glimmer of eternal youthful optimism at seeing the proof that the long awaited Christmas morning has finally arrived.

And if you don’t think Santa exists then you just try leaving hanging jingle-bell decorations on a bedroom door late, late at night without waking up the wee ones inside – can’t be done by any mortal I know proving once again that oh yes, without doubt he exists.


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