Lesson 581 – Those beautiful toes

Charlie. It’s going to be a post about Charlie.

She’s doing well out in the henhouse but I’m still a little concerned about her eating and drinking and because of this, she still comes into the house for at least a short while each day just to make sure she has enough food and water. It also gives us enough time to chat with each other.

She’s not been pecked by the others but it could be because she manages to find spots near the roof of the henhouse in which to roost.  Honestly, if you want to find Charlie, then you need to look up, which is an amazing thing when you consider her feet history. Although those toes will always look a bit wonky, Charlie’s feet are fully functional.

Just as a flash back, here were her toes before surgery.

Charlie’s feet when we got her.

And here are her toes this morning. (Black Copper Marans have feathered feet, it’s the little, tiny ones at the end that just slay me)

Yup, she’s in the house.

The nail on the middle toe of the left foot points in a rather odd direction and you can see some extra flesh on the toe (if you recall the left foot was the more deformed foot and I had to do some guessing when it came to making the incision) but all in all, Charlie is walking, scratching, and roosting on high just like any other chicken would.

I’d call this one a success.

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One response to “Lesson 581 – Those beautiful toes

  1. Jenn

    will her toenail on the wonky foot get worn down on its own, or are you going to have to trim it for her?

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