DVD review – Get Lean While You Clean – Carolyn Barnes

Carolyn Barnes, a mother of two young children and who has designed a routine for getting exercise while cleaning the house sent me her Get lean while you clean DVD. She had responded to a request of mine for advice on getting exercise when it’s cold outside and I was intrigued by her approach.

I checked out her website and saw her suggestions for things like doing heel raises at the pharmacy and while shopping. It was great stuff that made a lot of sense. I agreed to check out her DVD.

So very glad that I did.

I sat down with my two young daughters (ages 10 and 11) to watch. Just a few minutes into the program, my daughter exclaimed “she’s awesome!”. Yes she is, I thought. Carolyn has spunk, a great sense of humor, a body to die for, and a great idea here.

During the DVD, my other daughter actually got up to do the exercises along with Carolyn on the TV. “Mom”, she said “This is fun.”

Carolyn showed us how we can exercise our legs while cleaning the floor (put a rag under each foot and move the foot out and in) and while loading the dishwasher (squats on the bottom rack and leg lifts on the top rack). She also gave us the wonderful advice to do 10 plank push ups every time we are at a counter (sink, kitchen counter, dresser, etc). I have kids all over the house doing push ups and I even find myself stopping and dropping to do the exercise (and you might be surprised at how much your arms work at just doing 10 push ups here and there).

In the DVD she covers how to:

• Achieve your weight loss goals
• Tighten and tone your entire body
• Gain the confidence to slap on a bikini
• Teach you how to make the best with what you’ve got

I knew that Carolyn had a winning routine here when my daughter asked me if she could clean out the bathroom (!) so that she could try out the techniques. After the bathroom, she asked me if she could fold the laundry. Carolyn, you are a miracle worker!

Thank you Carolyn, for giving us exercise and fun at the same time. I hope to see many more inventive, creative, and fun routines from you that will allow us moms to get in shape while taking care of our families. Job well done.

For more information go to http://www.cleanmomma.com/

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