Project Chickens before the Eggs – Lesson 31 – Uh-oh, when is enough?

We went to the Chicken Swap in Milford this past weekend and you guessed it, we picked up 2 more chickens. Here’s where you use your imagination to hear me whine “we had toooooo, they were so cute and besides, all I’m looking for is one egg, just one stinkin’ egg.”

Our first new hen is a Salmon Flavorelle, she’s a pretty little bird and is actually only 6 weeks older than our oldest hens which makes her too young to lay eggs yet, but she was raised with Isabelle who was not feeling the love from all of our other chickens.

So I figured how much fun would this be for them? Previous cage mates.

Morgan (pronounced Mor-gone, hey she’s a French breed) was described to me as a chicken-chicken, yup that’s right, she’s a sweet girl who is afraid of everyone. You have to push food near her because she cowers in the corner from the other birds.

She’s a beautiful brown and white bird with a face that looks rather hawk-like.

She also (I kid you not) likes to be held in your arms and pet like a cat. She actually falls asleep while you stroke her.

a real chicken's chicken

a real chicken's chicken

I ask you, who wouldn’t pay for a chicken that does that?

Then Marc (who had been trying to get my attention while I was buying Morgan) took me over to some other caged birds.

She says they are egg-laying machines, he excitedly told me.

So we bought another 2 year old chicken (who I might add has yet to lay an egg) to add to our flock.

She’s a pretty grey bird with a collar of gold and is identified by her previous owner as being a “McMurray Hatchery Easter Egger/Ameraucana”.

Zelda with full life

Zelda with full life

Marc picked her out and so got to name her. It may surprise no one then, that our latest chicken’s name is Zelda.

As much as I adore these two new additions, I’m putting my foot down this time and like I said after the birth of my sixth child, with 14 chickens now in our flock “we are so done.”


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