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Lesson 1179 – Don’t knock it till you’ve tried them

File this one under “don’t even ask.”

This afternoon, my husband Marc and I had our annual office Christmas party. It’s something we always look forward to and as I am the owner of my own free-lance writing business and he is my IT department, we never even have to make a reservation for the two of us.

Each year the two of us have a Yankee Swap, the biggest surprise is who will pull that coveted Number 1 position.

This year it belonged to Marc. He opened the gift I supplied of spicy wine from Chili, cheese in a can (a left-over love from childhood) and some dark chocolate. All things that I knew he would enjoy.

Then it was my time. Half of his Yankee swap gift was a bottle of mead. Nice, but I’m not the mead drinker in the house, Marc is. The other half of the gift was a set of 4 wine glasses in a box. Nothing exciting but still nice – I suppose. (It kind of felt like getting a toaster for Christmas, yeah it’s nice but it ‘ain’t anything to write home about.)

Still, a gift is a gift. I thanked him. Continue reading


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