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Authors kids can’t get enough of – Good Egg Chicken naming project update

Do you remember that talk I gave to the Upper Elementary school about our chickens?

At the end I told them about our author naming project and how we had already named some of our chickens based on returned interviews like:

Before I could even finish the list of who we had a hand went up. Continue reading


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Project Chickens before the Eggs – Lesson 99 – It’s all in the timing

I’ve always been a big believer in kitchen timers. I use them in all aspects of my life. There’s just something about a start with a definite end that pleases my sensibilities. A timed event challenges my competitive spirit – I can do this in the minutes allowed. It appeals to my sense of fairness – 20 minutes in the laundry room at one time seems fair to me, 25 not so good, so let’s go for 20.

I use kitchen timers often when I’m writing – I’m going to sit in this chair and write for 30 minutes until this timer goes off. I use them to motivate my kids into action – let’s see how much you can get picked up before the timer goes off. I even have a resident timer in my bathroom for when I, um, wash those grays right out of my hair.

Imagine my delight, when I discovered that someone, somewhere has managed to combine two of my greatest loves. Timers and chickens! Continue reading

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One book in one month – Little Chicken final update – we have a manuscript

Some of you know that I am the great niece of E.B. White. The connection is by marriage and my relationship to him is only through a legal document but it’s still a pretty neat thing to be able to throw out at parties.

When I was younger and showed some writing talent, there was much talk of me being the next writer in the family. Apparently my family didn’t have a strong grasp on how genetics or more accurately THE LACK OF ANY GENETIC CONNECTION worked. There wasn’t too much pressure there for me to follow in the footsteps of one of the greatest American writers.

I mention this because I will never be another E.B. White and I’m okay with that. There will never, ever be another E.B. White anywhere. Period. The man was God.

Fortunately I realized earlier in my life that I wasn’t cut out to be a pharmacist (enrolled for a few years in the program at UCONN) or a microbiologist, or even a computer tech writer. If I had followed through with those life paths, I would have been miserable.

Telling stories is what makes me happy.

It’s even why I went and got this tattoo. It’s Kokopelli, the storyteller. I wanted to be reminded always of what I was meant to do.

The Storyteller

And if telling stories about my chickens and children is what works then I’m going to go with it. After staying up until the cows came home (or at the very least, the chickens started clucking) I have finished a manuscript of my adventures and lessons learned with the chickens.

Is it a masterpiece? Nope.

Will it need adjustments? Oh most decidedly. I know of very few people who hit the nail on the head the first time.

But it’s done and the content is good and solid. There are some clever bits in it and if it needs to be massaged, that can be done. I think its got a chance, even in this publication shy environment.

After all, (and here’s where the family relationship pays off) if one of my relatives can write a book about a pig and a spider and still be seen as an accomplished writer, then I can write a book about a fowl flock and still hold my head up high.

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Project Chickens before the Eggs – Lesson 89 – Good Egg Interview with Janet Evanovich

Who doesn’t love Janet Evanovich?

Not only does she live in New Hampshire (a big plus in my book) and have a terrific sense of humor that absolutely shines in her writing, but she is one of the most beloved, prolific, and consistently excellent writers around.

And, and, and she has written a detective novel where one of the central characters is a dancing chicken. The book is aptly called “Foul Play”. Seriously who could not love someone who writes about chickens? Continue reading


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