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Lesson 630 – Hear me roar

A few weeks back on a marketing blog, I wrote a post about how “Bic for her is not for me.” In the post I talked about current politics and how women were being marginalized in this election (reference the “legitimate rape” and “women can stay home with their families instead of work” statements, to name a few) and how this attitude was now being reflected in marketing.

Bic for her pens are pastel pink and purple colored pens that are slimmer (for our delicate hands, no doubt) and which write in PINK AND PURPLE ink!!! Seriously, someone at Bic headquarters actually said and convinced the marketing people that GROWN women would like to write with Barbie writing utensils when they sign contracts, reports, or even when they write their novels.

Well not this woman. My man-sized blue gel pens work just fine, thank you very much.

I see a disturbing trend and it frightens me to no end. Women are being marginalized and demeaned in politics and now it slipping over to our main culture. Pretty soon my daughters are going to think that there is nothing wrong with making grown women look (and act) like little girls, or have a country where medical decisions are made for them with the belief that someone else knows their values, life, and medical conditions better than they do.

This weekend I went to a local political event (I live in NH remember) where a panel of women were talking about women being leaders. The name of the event was “Natural Woman, Natural leaders” and it was hosted by Carole King (yes THE Carole King – who has always been a personal hero) and consisted of Gubernatorial candidate Maggie Hassen, 2012 Project Mary Hughes; Executive Director NH Women’s Fund, and Congressional candidate Carol Shea Porter. President for the Center for American Progress Neera Tanden served as moderator.

It was all very civilized. “We need more women in government. We need more women as leaders.” Blah, blah, blah. Continue reading



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