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Lesson 718 – Saving chicks when the power goes out

Although we didn’t get massive amounts of snow, we did get a combination of rain + snow which made for very icy roads this morning. Hey, what’s a neighbor’s mailbox or two, right?

A reader who lives in the path of the storm asked me if I had any suggestions for keeping chicks warm if the electricity went out. She didn’t have a generator but she did have a nursery of very young birds.

The obvious solution was to keep the chicks in a box, insulated on the outside by blankets near a fireplace, except that I can see lots of problems with that –

The first is that she told me she’d have to move her dogs to another room in order to protect the chicks. That’s not a lot of fun for anyone, especially when you like the company of your dogs.

Second, chicks don’t need great amounts of heat, they need moderate heat and more importantly a heated area to go to if they get cold. By keeping a box of chicks near a fireplace, you are running the risk of overheating the babes with no place for them to cool down.

I started thinking of different non-electrical solutions. I continued thinking about this all day yesterday (modifying my approach) and this is the design I’ve come up with for: Continue reading



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Lesson 717 – Winters in New England

We’re all just sort of waiting to see which way this new winter blizzard coming from the mid-West is going to go. Right now it’s in D.C. and the latest reports are that it will go up as far as New York City bringing with it 4 to 6 inches of snow in our area.

Ah, but we live in New England and we hearty souls know better than to trust a weatherman. While the nicely dressed man on the screen assures us that although there is a “Winter Storm Watch” for our area, chances are, he tells us, we will not get hit hard this time.

I have my doubts.

The rain is spurting and sputtering, not being able to make up its mind to release or not.


The skies are leaden grey, heavy enough to make my joints groan.


The chickens are subdued, not even squawking hello when I went out to see them.


And Pippin, in his infinite wisdom,  has not left his heated nest all day.


You can make all the predictions you want about the low to little impact of this upcoming winter storm, but as for me, I’m going to go check on our feed, battery and candle supplies.

See you tomorrow.


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