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Lesson 1209 – Doing the best I can

Note: if you are looking for The Food Babe Way book review, you can find it here.


This is our front porch and there’s more snow (possible blizzard conditions) in the forecast for this Thursday/Friday and Sunday.

Yesterday was *another* snow day for the kids. I decided to pull out that herb infuser I had received as a gift and made a double batch of this awesome Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup.


When I posted this photo on my Facebook page, several people accused me of putting a Croc shoe in my soup. Ha, ha, very funny, but nope, it was a nifty little device that kept those razor sharp bay leaves and rosemary twigs out of my mouth. It worked well and cleaned up quickly (and definitely added to the conversation at the dinner table.) Continue reading


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Lesson 1206 – Guess what? (and it’s not chicken butt)

photo credit: Marc Nozell

photo credit: Marc Nozell

Oh hey, guess what? It’s snowing.

Enough for a 2 hour school delay, but not enough to cancel school (as it is, it’s starting to look like the kids will be in school until mid-summer.)

If you look at our local forecast, the weather man is predicting *more* snow on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday of next week.

*sigh* Continue reading

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Lesson 1204 – Little doggies and snow

Yesterday a reader called this most recent snow storm a good reason to stay at home in your pajamas.

A little on that.

I actually have a pair of pajamas I pull out when I’m very sick or incapacitated. These are not the jammies I sleep in, instead these are the traditional two piece, button down top, plaid (they have to be plaid), very New England (or cold weather, same thing) jammies that were simply made to wear with a bathrobe on miserable days.

A timeless classic

A timeless classic

The problem with these jammies is that I have become quite the Pavlovian dog while wearing them. If I put them on, my brain gets the signal “I’m sick.” And so without even trying, I act sick. I start slowing down. I don’t move from my chair. A grey pall falls over my world.

See? Ring the bell and I salivate – works every time.

When I knew we’d be buried (not exaggerating here) in that recent snowstorm that dumped 20 inches of snow in our area, I put those jammies on. We never lost electricity or the internet and I *could* have done work, instead I spent the day under a blanket, drinking coffee, and reading. While there’s nothing wrong with doing that once in a while, it’s not how anyone (me) is going to get their work done. Continue reading


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