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Lesson 483 – Just look at our little Charlie now!

I’ll get to the chicken first aid kit post, I really will, but so many people have been asking about Charlie, I thought I’d give you an update (and it’s a little time sensitive, because you know that little chicks can just grow like weeds.)

As a reminder, Charlie is our Black Copper Maran chick who happened to be born with horribly crippled feet. I adopted her with the intent of keeping her as a pet in our flock. This is what her feet looked like right after she came home:

You can see the webbing and deformation in this photo.

Yeah, I know, not pretty.

I did a little bit of surgery on her (Described here) and this is what her feet looked like this morning roughly two weeks after the operation.

I’m not sure she’ll be invited on to Dancing with the Stars at any point in the near future but as you can see, she is using both feet equally and those middle toes have straightened out nicely. One thing that we are going to have to watch is with the extra skin on her toes, she tends to gather “gunk”  (you can see it on her back toe there.) This may be something that with growth won’t be an issue but for now we have to be careful that her feet are kept cleared. Still don’t know where those toe nails are though.

Because it’s so cold outside, we are raising Charlie indoors. She’s become quite tame and likes to sit on a shoulder when watching TV.

I’d like to say that she’s housebroken, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

Lastly,  like a sprout, this chick is growing! Here’s a comparison photo (and before any of you object, we have a Budweiser factory in our town (Merrimack NH) I’m just supporting local business.)

Such a big chick

As you can tell, Charlie is thriving and well loved. My only concern is that little tuft of feathers on her bum (you can see it in the above photo) I’m new to this breed and so don’t know what the tail feathers should look so I’m not panicking *yet*, but those look suspiciously like they might be tail bling to me.



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Lesson 479 – Another update on our Black Copper Maran’s surgery

Just wanted to let you know how our baby Black Copper Maran chick: Charlie is doing with some before and after photos.

Here is Charlie on the day we got her home. (note – little black chicks are notoriously difficult to take photos of.)

just a little bitty thing.

And here is Charlie now, almost 2 weeks later.

This chick has legs from here to there.

Here are her feet before I released the webbing. Continue reading


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Lesson 477 – Post surgical update on Charlie’s webbed toe release

Many people have contacted me about Charlie and are interested in following her results. It’s now been roughly 2 days since I performed a little bit of surgery on her toes to release some webbing.

If you recall before I started, her toes looked like this:

You can see the webbing and deformation in this photo.

Charlie is a sweet chick but those feet were probably not going to hold up the weight of a full grown chicken which is why I decided to try and release the toes.

Charlie is doing well, the wounds have closed and she is walking around. Last night we introduced a stick as a roosting post hoping that the use of it would get her to start moving her toes (chicken physical therapy) but she prefers the edge of the cardboard box which she came home in and which is still in her cage.

That wooden candy cane was too slippery to be used for roosting.

But here’s the good news.

This is her right foot.

And this is that one that was horribly deformed.

Her left foot is still curled, especially that middle toe,  (some of that is extra tissue from the webbing) and we may be putting a shoe on it in the next few days but compared to what it was, this is nothing short of amazing. Granted Charlie is not going to win any pretty toe contests in the next few weeks but it does look like she’s going to win her adulthood.

And that’s just fine with me.


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Lesson 476 – Releasing Webbed Toes in a Maran Chick (Charlie)

Warning – the following post contains directions with photos of how to surgically release webbed toes in a Maran chick. There is some blood (but if you can get through that there is a happy ending 🙂

Continue reading


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