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Lesson 417 – Winding down for the season

It is amazing how a flock’s egg production drops so drastically in the fall (just as amazing at how it seems to pick up so quickly in the spring). Cold weather and dark days are a signal to the chickens to lay low, give their bodies a rest, recharge for the coming season.

We’ve gone from 19 eggs a day (from our roughly 30 laying bird flock which includes half a dozen bantams who are not daily layers to maybe 20 eggs total every other day. Nothing has changed in the diet, the birds are healthy, it’s all just nature slowing things down a bit.

I see this happening in our family, how we’ve changed from the quick, quick, cold tuna salad dinners served on the porch to the slow simmering beef stews that take time and leave you full and warm as you sit around the table, preferring to discuss the day rather than go away to the cold.

In the winter, I am always sluggish. I get up later (just can’t do it in the dark.) Our house is freezing so our bodies really feel the seasonal difference. We wear multiple sweaters in the house, wrap ourselves in blankets when we settle down to read a book or watch TV. When I write, I have to wear those Bob Cratchit gloves in an effort to keep my hands warm.

We slow down, we conserve energy, conserve heat. We regroup from the frenetic pace of summer followed by endless fall soccer games to the muffled quiet of cold. Continue reading


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Lesson 413 – Getting the coop ready for winter

Monday Night, I held another workshop on chickens. It resulted from previous classes requesting a more advanced chicken discussion covering care of and problems that can crop up in chickens.

One of the topics (and I’ll be covering them all in future posts) is winter care.

If you live somewhere where it gets cold (really cold) in the winter, (like us in New Hampshire) it’s time to start your preparations for the winter.

I’ve already talked about the bedding. There needs to be one last mucking out of your henhouse and from now on you just add a clean top layer to what’s there. This accomplishes a few things: Continue reading


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