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Lesson 1407 – What shoes to wear on a Border-to-Border walk


When you plan to walk over 200 miles in 14 days, your feet all of the sudden start getting a lot of attention.

Last week Griffin and I went to buy a pair of sturdy walking shoes. We knew they had to be ventilated, we knew they had to be relatively lightweight, and we knew they had to have tons of support. After trying on a few styles, we both (literally) walked away from the shoe store wearing Merrell hiking shoes.


Griffin loves his shoes (although, because he is prone to flat feet he will be using an insert.) Me? Not so much. I have a narrow heel and a wide toe area. When I get shoes wide enough for my toes, my heel swims in it. And of course when I get shoes to fit my heel, then my toes rub.

After walking all weekend in my hiking shoes, my feet hurt. A lot.

You see along with my Lyme arthritis, I’ve had a total of 22 orthopedic operations on my body as a result of being hit by a car when I was a youth. I compensate for my left side – the side most damaged by the accident (and which is why my right foot always hurts more) and I pronate something fierce. I’m beginning to think that this walk may not be as comfortable as I thought it would be. Continue reading


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