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Why I hate my new Verizon Droid

Why I hate my new Verizon Droid

Last week I got a new Verizon Droid. My son and I were ready for a phone upgrade and so we got the two for one (guess who had to pay for the one that was not free?).

We are now a three Droid family and yes, these were the Droids we were looking for.

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The salesman talked me into buying a screen protector as well as a case (because you know you’re going to drop it he said). I declined the insurance (and this is what we call foreshadowing) figuring no one else would be touching my phone save me.

Sure enough during the week, the phone fell from my pocket onto the floor. I held my breath when I picked it up, but no, it was fine, all I had done was dislodge the screen protector which caused a tiny bubble under the plastic.

Lesson learned, don’t transport your Droid in your pocket. Continue reading


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