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Lesson 315 – Eggplant meat sauce from eggs

We don’t charge for our eggs. With so many people in our community still struggling in this economy, we would rather give them away to people who can use them.

Bounty for all

There are those, though, who want to give us something in exchange. Although entirely not necessary, (and I’ve made sure they know that) the act is greatly appreciated – especially by my 5 (yes 5!) teens. Through the summer we get garden tomatoes, squash, lettuce, and fresh basil (the plant of the Gods).

We have one friend who in exchange for a constant supply of eggs (about 2 dozen every week or so) drops off a bag of produce from the grocery store about every other week. Sometimes there are cherry tomatoes, grapes, peppers, or a bag of potatoes. It’s a lot of fun because we never know what we are going to get and my challenge is to fit the produce into our already planned meals for the week. Continue reading



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