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Lesson 1231 – Oisin and the leprechaun

Many years ago, when our youngest was only a baby, I was sent to Ireland in March by one of my clients to do some Instructional Design work. For ten days I stayed in Dublin and worked with engineers on their software and although I did get to see some local sights, there just wasn’t time to see much of the rest of Ireland. I saw the city, but I never got to see the poetic rolling grassy hills and little cottages that are always featured in movies.

One night I wandered down to the hotel bar for a Guinness (of course, when in Ireland…) and I started talking to the young man, Oisin, who was tending bar. St. Patrick’s day was coming up and I was starting to miss my children.

“My kids are jealous of me coming over here, because they wanted to see a real Leprechaun,” I told Oisin.  I explained how I tried to keep magic and wonder alive in our house and as a result Leprechauns visited on St. Patrick’s day to raise a little mischief and leave some treats for the household. Continue reading


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Lesson 273 – The tree that will not put put away

In a post the other day about our bobblebody chicken I mentioned that it sat on the table near our Charlie Brown Christmas tree. This wasn’t a misstatement. For the last 1.5 years a full sized Christmas decoration of Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree has sat on our table. It’s bent little branches and spare needles cheering us up as we gather as a family to sit for dinner.

None of us could bear to put it away after that first Christmas when it turned up in our house. The girls grew protective over it, the boys recognized it for what it was. If the little tree can endure, so can we. Taking it down was out of the question.

And so we didn’t. We’ve allowed it’s plucky spirit to remain as a constant reminder of our potentials. For each approaching holiday we swap out the ornament. The solitary red Christmas bulb becomes a glitter heart for Valentine’s Day, an egg for Easter, and of course now with St. Patrick’s Day almost upon us, on the tree hangs a shamrock.

It’s not that unusual really, holiday celebrations have always been big in our house. We’ve had red food colored Rice Krispie treats shaped into hearts, chairs turned upside down by leprechauns, Easter basket hunts that have sent kids to the hen house in the early morning light. We put reindeer food out on Christmas Eve and leave cookies, carrots, and water for Santa (whom we believe to be lactose intolerant).

As the kids grow older, they not only accept these traditions but they want them. They look forward to them. Whoa be it to the child for whom the tooth fairy does not visit when they have their wisdom teeth out. Continue reading


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