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Lesson 1402 – F*ckin’ Snakes on a husband


This weekend Marc and I went to Concord for its annual street festival. It’s always a lot of fun. We got to see tons of crafts and taste food from around the world while working on our daily 10K step count. Win, win, win.

Lucky, lucky us, we arrived right in time for the reptile show. “Look” said Marc as he pointed to a crowd.

I looked, but didn’t see much more than a group of people. Then all of the sudden, like those 3-D pictures, the underlying message suddenly popped out. There was a guy standing there with a HUGE snake around his neck. My heart immediately started beating faster, my voice got higher, and my legs prepared to run (when it comes to fight or flight for snakes, I’m definitely in the flight category.)

“Will you take my picture?” Marc asked me. I figured I could do that for him as long as I stood a few yards away, after all I am a grown woman, right? It was only after I said yes that I realized there was ANOTHER SNAKE just to the right of me. I was surrounded by snakes and my husband wanted me to take his picture.

“These aren’t the ones that bite, these are the ones that squeeze you to death,” he said trying to comfort me.

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