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Lesson 521: Chickens 101 and lava lamps

Last night I gave a chicken 101 workshop for the Capital City Organic Gardeners club in Concord, NH.

Concord is running a 21 month probationary program where home owners are allowed to have up to 5 egg laying chickens in their backyard. There are a few restrictions including:

  • Single family residences only.
  • Lot size may be less than 1 acre.
  • The chicken coop must be at least 30 feet from each lot line.
  • Coop must be located in side or back yard. Coop cannot be in front yard.
  • You can have no more than 5 female chickens.
  • No  roosters are  allowed.
  • Chickens cannot be free ranging.
  • You cannot sell the eggs or the meat. On site slaughtering is prohibited.
  • Chicken manure must be covered by a fully enclosed structure or container. No  composting or fertilizing must be removed from property.

While this isn’t a perfect situation, it is certainly a start. Continue reading



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