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Lesson 260 – Little things in small packages

Remember that very first egg we got from Zelda? That lovely blue/green “Easter Egg” for which we waited and waited? (and if truth be told, the one we eventually cheated on by buying an “egg-laying machine” because our girls were not laying yet?

Our Golden Egg

With 7 family members at home (Spencer’s at college) who are all eating scrambled eggs these days, it’s not unusual for us to go through at least a dozen eggs a day (cholesterol be damned) and when I make an “egg” dish, I use anywhere from 4 – 8 eggs at a time. We eat eggs. After all, if you’re going to raise chickens, you might as well reap the rewards (and lower your food bill while you’re at it.)

But we don’t do that every single day and sometimes our eggs get backed up.

That's a lot of breakfast!

Our girls are productive, with 33 birds in our coop (still missing little Ives) we get anywhere from 12 to 18 eggs a day. This makes sense because even though we have some hardy birds (Ameraucana, New Hampshire Red, Black Sex-linked) which are bred for prolific egg production, we also have some smaller bantams, who although very pretty usually don’t lay eggs every one to two days that the others do. Continue reading


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