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Lesson 1398 – Walking hand-in-hand




The weather is warm in New Hampshire and the summer schedule has started.  The camps and sports programs of my kids’ youth have been replaced with summer jobs which leave them coming and going, all on different schedules. Last night our new dog Dalai started barking at around 12:00. That dog never barks so we got up to investigate. Turns out we had forgotten that one kid was out for the night (in our defense he’s usually at college) and his knocking on his own front door alerted the dog to a possible intruder. See? Coming and going.

By the way, Good Girl, Dalai.

I’m also not spending two days of the week at the college for classes, although I am teaching on online class, I create the schedule for that. I’ve got time.

Our summer is wide open.

This of course, leaves complete days  just for writing (and trust me, I’ll be taking advantage of the time), but it also leaves days unstructured and if you’re a teen (or a mom who is sitting in front of a computer), you know that that can mean far too many hours spent on social media (OMG!) Sometimes you just have to create something to do. I have a fitbit and I just ordered one for Emma (our soul summer swim team member.) Our goal is to get 10K steps in every day. Which, I might add, is not that easy, especially if you go at high noon and come home a little dehydrated. Continue reading


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Lesson 1378 – Yes you are

On Sunday, before we headed back to New Hampshire from Connecticut we decided to stop at the Greenfield Hill Dogwood festival. I grew up in this area and have fond memories of the festival, the crafts, and those incredible Dogwoods.

Marc and I walked around taking photos of the dogwood flowers – of which there are white flowered trees


And pink.


Although I did find a dark red one which was new to me. Continue reading


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