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Lesson 1221 – Quotable Chicks

Friday’s Quotes for the Chicks

Sometimes you just need to be held

Sometimes you just need to be held

Friendship is not a big thing …. it’s a  million little things.” anon.

Even with all the snow on the ground, it’s time to start thinking about chicks. People and groups are starting to ask me to present information on how to get and care for those little Easter-card-worthy balls of fluff.

Last spring we added 12 new members to our flock and only one of them died. Those are pretty good odds when you purchase a slew of chicks from store bulk batches. We currently have a flock of 27 birds (provided we can make it to the other side of winter without any losses.) A good-sized backyard flock.

I shouldn’t want or need any more chickens. Continue reading



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