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Lesson 727 – Seriously why are Guinea hens so dumb?

I have yet to hear a story about Guinea hens being even remotely intelligent.  Heck, I’m not even talking at the top of the class, I’d settle for not crashing into the side of the chicken coop when I approach.  But I haven’t heard one.

Nothing, zilch.

Instead I keep hearing stories about how when released they can’t find their way back into the coop.

Or when they lay eggs, they forget where they’ve been laid, the eggs slowly going to waste.

And the noise, in the infamous words of “How the Grinch Stole Christmas, “Oh the noise, the noise, the noise, noise, noise, noise.” A Guinea hen has a unique call which can best be described as a cross between a goose honk and a smoke alarm. It’s the sort of sound that initially makes you take notice but after the 7th, (8th, 20th time) you find yourself wishing the bird would understand what the term “quiet time” means. Continue reading


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Lesson 725 – Getting ready for the chicks

Tonight is the rescheduled first part of my chicken workshops (yes, I know that I already held the second part, you can blame the snow in NH this winter for that.) We’ll cover getting chicks and caring for them until they are old enough to go outside. We’ll also talk about proper (and critter-proof) housing for your chicks and what you should be aware of with regard to predators in NH (can you say fisher cat?)

I found this clip of a fisher cat yelling. If you’ve ever heard one in real life, you know how absolutely chilling their call is.

I’ll also bring my clay pot chick heater with me, as the forecast calls for more snow and I’m afraid we’re not out of the woods with regard to power losses yet.  Best to be prepared. Continue reading

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