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Portion Plates – how did the kids do on their own?

The time has come, the Walrus said, or in this case, more accurately, the momma.

The time has come, the momma said, to speak of many things.
Of Portion plates and proper sizes,
Of vegetables and onion rings.

(My sincerest apologies to Lewis Carroll)

It was time to see if the kids had learned anything from using the Portion Plates in our house for the last month.

Yup, it was D-day (dine-day) we took the kids to a local restaurant called the Grand Buffet where there are miles and miles of different foods available. Meats, pastries, sushi, vegetables, fruits, and yes, even ice cream. Although my kids are pretty good eaters, in the past it was not unusual to see plates filled with French fries and watermelon slices. But because it’s rare that we bring all 6 kids to a restaurant, I usually don’t say much about what their choices are.

On the way over, I reminded the kids of why we were going. Remember the Portion Plates and how we used them for a month? I want to see what you’ve learned. That’s all I said, I didn’t remind them of the portion sizes or anything. Continue reading


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Portion Plates Experiment – the first day

Oh there was excitement in our household last night!

The girls, in anticipation of eating off the Portion Plates set the table with placemats and the plates well before the dinner was ready. They made a salad, got the carrots ready and then steamed the broccoli.

On deck for the main course was Griffin’s Great sandwich (sausage, red and orange peppers, and some melted cheddar cheese). Continue reading

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A look inside Peapod – online grocery delivery service

On the tour

On the tour

On Wednesday I was invited down to the Peapod Warehouse along with other thrift and mommy bloggers for a tour of their operations.

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I’m Gonna Keep my Kindle



Although I have secretly coveted a Kindle, I could never justify the cost of getting one. Even though I buy and read a lot of books (around 2-3/week) it just didn’t seem fair to pay 359 dollars for a book reading device when I could buy a stack of books at a yard sale for .25 cents each.

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