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Lesson 612 – Let the flock eat pie

Well this post is going to be a little off topic, but not by much because I’ve found that those who are interested in keeping chickens are usually those who are also interested in good, healthy food. Consider this a chicken/flock feeding post.

Last week I ran into a friend of mine (Hi Judy) at a bookstore and she was buying a beautiful pie cookbook. Her mother, who had always made the holiday pies was not able to make them anymore and my friend was preparing to pick up the mantle.

She’s never made a pie from scratch she confessed to me. In order to be ready to provide pies for the holidays, she was going to start practicing now.

I knew her embarrassment because I also (I can hear the gasps already) have never made a pie from scratch. I’ve always used that refrigerator pie crust (which might explain why I’m not so keen on pie.) Continue reading



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