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Lesson 1237 – Being with the family

I’ve returned from a weekend in Connecticut with family members and friends who paid their last respects for my father.

It was bittersweet, so good to see my family and yet it was clear that a member of the flock was gone. He’s gone.

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Lesson 1233 – Fair winds, Dad

Last night my father died. It’s what we were all praying for – a peaceful, quick, and painless release.

But it still leaves a gaping, ragged hole in my heart.

My father was a good man. He served our country during WWII when at the age of 17 he became a tail gunner in the United States Navy. His job was to shoot down other planes, while at the same time the enemy tail gunners had the job of shooting him down.

That’s some courage.

He was widowed with 2 children when he married my widowed mother who had 4 children. He went on his honeymoon knowing that when he came home, he would be the father of 6  young children (and then a 7th was soon added.)

That’s some courage. Continue reading


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Lesson 1232 – Sending out prayers

Sending out prayers of peace, no pain, and release for my dad.

pink heart

The flock is sad today.


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