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Lesson 503 – Cookies, turkey and Obama

It’s late, I know.

Sometimes I have to do the paying work before I can do the other more fun things. Today was a paying work kind of day (not that I’m complaining. )

A few quick things and then I’m back to writing some taglines for a website.

Here are some of the cookies we have made so far this vacation:

Pink Sugar cookies

Spice, Pumpkin, Butterscotch chip cookies

Gluten-free brownies (I swear that’s what they are, even though they look remarkably like something else – I’m actually not sure what Addy was thinking when she staged this shot.)

Not only do we have cookies galore in our household but we also have a cold or two. We’ve already had one visit to the Doctors for an ear ache and two more kids have scheduled doctor visits tomorrow (and then one gets his braces on tomorrow afternoon – his biggest disappointment? No beef jerky for the next 18 months.) Such fun and the week isn’t even over!

And to top it all off, it’s finally snowing, which is interesting because since that massive snow storm that stopped the world (at least our world) for 3 days in October, we haven’t really had any snow to speak of. Usually during the first big snow storm, I put Christmas carols on and bake some gingerbread.

I think if I do that now, it could easily qualify as torture as defined by the Geneva convention.

Instead, Marc has gone to the feed store to get chicken food (in case we really do get snowed in) and I’ve decided to cook a 21 pound turkey in the oven. Between the turkey and the cookies, I think we’ll be all set until the Spring thaw.

Tomorrow I’m going to cover President Obama’s visit to NH as a member of the Press, I’m hoping that I can get some photos of him with Fatti-Madi (while not getting thrown out by the Secret Service.) I’ll let you know.



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