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Lesson 1128 – Quotable Chicks

Friday’s Quotes for the Chicks


Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.” Omar Khayyam

Friday has, as per its character, sneaked up on us once again.

It’s been a busy week filled with internet attention for those Mammo-graham cookies (and if you are looking for the recipe, it’s right here), articles written (Gift Books for the Holidays, Garden and Farming Boots, and Parenting when you kid has Lyme disease), and a birthday in the house (favorite birthday gift? a fart-piano – proving that boys will always be boys.)

Next week, I hope to carve out some time to work on my own projects, but you know how it goes, the work that brings in the money is that work that gets done first.

This weekend, Marc and I will be visiting our son at Norwich U, Vermont to watch him play in a rugby game. A little bit concerned because I’ve never seen a rugby game and all I know about the game is that pictures of my son suddenly went from this: Continue reading


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Lesson 861 – Returning to the nest

Tomorrow I get to drive up to Norwich University to pick up one of our little chicks and take him home for the weekend.  He’s been away for 6 weeks already and while I know that he’s proved himself during rook week, a river run where he had to run up a mountain get a rock from a stream and carry it back down, and has not slept nearly enough, he’s still and will forever be, my little chick.

While at home, he doesn’t have to prove to me that he’s tough, he just has to eat some good home-cooked food and sleep all he wants. Because no matter how old you are (or how independent you think you’ve become) there is no place, absolutely no place, like being in the nest you grew up in, surrounded by your flock mates who have welcomed your return.

See you tomorrow poppit.

We'll have plenty of apples for you.

We’ll have plenty of apples for you.

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Lesson 755 – A True Compass

Moms and Dads, take note – this is what happens to your kids when you surround them with animals and teach them that even the weakest among the flock deserves a chance.


Saturday morning, I came downstairs to find this box, perforated with air holes, and placed by my son Trevor on our kitchen table. Continue reading


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