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Lesson 1384 – 9 Life Lessons Presidential Candidates Have Taught the Presidential Selfie Girls



Emma and Addy Nozell aka Presidential Selfie Girls

When my daughters, Addy and Emma Nozell, otherwise known as the Presidential Selfie Girls, decided to set a challenge to listen to and snap a photo with each of the Presidential candidates in New Hampshire, none of us knew it would be an experience so filled with positive life lessons.

Even if the girls didn’t completely agree with each of the candidates, they all had a valuable bit of life advice to pass on. Below are some of our favorites.

1. Lindsey Graham (R) – family matters – a lot

Lindsey Graham is a “go down to the bar and have a beer” kind of guy with a great sense of humor, He’s a born storyteller who artfully delivers jokes with the precision of the most accomplished comedian while still giving off an “aw shucks” kind of vibe. But under those jokes lies a deep well of pain. Graham’s mother died when he was 21 and then a year later his father died leaving him and his 13 year old sister orphans. It is a huge emotional and financial challenge for a young man to keep a family that has been so deeply damaged like that together.

Graham could have abandoned his sister and the family pool bar, but instead he stepped up to the plate, took over the business and made sure his sister was taken care of while he attended college and then law school. At one point he even adopted his sister so that she could receive his military benefits. Continue reading


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Primary weekend in New Hampshire – this is what it’s like

Tomorrow is Primary Day! in New Hampshire and so (naturally) we spent the weekend attending as many political events as we could.

Friday was called a snow day due to the storm that came in overnight, but that didn’t stop us from catching this candidate at her Nashua office. (She sure brought some impressive women along to stump with her.)


Later that day we saw Rachel Maddow broadcasting live. Continue reading

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Lesson 1291 – #Presidentialselfiegirls

This Presidential Selfie thing is going crazy. Today the girls are going to be interviewed by CNN, ABC, and NH1.

As someone on my Facebook page mentioned this is simply good, clean fun. The girls are being respectful to the candidates and they get to listen to what each of the candidates say. That’s an important responsibility for anyone who is going to place a vote for our next President. (Addy can’t vote in the primary but she will be able to vote in the general election.)


Besides, in each of the photos both the candidates and my daughters just have the biggest smiles. Continue reading


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Lesson 1290 – Presidential selfie girls

So my little chicks are having a good time this summer. What started off as a fun challenge has now turned into a “thing”.

Remember when I told you about the girl’s quest to snap a selfie with as many presidential candidates as they can? (And because we live in New Hampshire – First in the Nation!– they have access to a LOT of them.)

Well last night they attended a Carly Fiorina (R) event and managed to snap their 11th (!) presidential candidate selfie.

carly selfie
Some reporters at the event noticed the selfie taking and after asking a few questions:


My chicks ended up on the local news.

Presidential selfie girls

And they even have their own hashtag on twitter #Presidentialselfiegirls

My daughters think they are playing a game by getting all the presidential selfies, BUT in order to get their selfie they have to sit through a talk by the candidate.

My daughters are getting a selfie prize and we are getting critical thinkers.


Please note that political photos do not imply endorsement.


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Lesson 1287 – But why chickens?



There’s been a lot of buzz about Vermont US Senator Bernie Sanders who is currently running for President as a Democrat (even though he’s really an Independent – rules are rules.) Because we live in New Hampshire, he’s been busy canvassing our state and making political stops. I have yet to see Bernie (oh I will) but the initial feedback is that he constantly points out the emperor has no clothes, and that message seems to be resonating with folks.

Here’s a little about Bernie from his website:

The American people must make a fundamental decision. Do we continue the 40-year decline of our middle class and the growing gap between the very rich and everyone else, or do we fight for a progressive economic agenda that creates jobs, raises wages, protects the environment and provides health care for all? Are we prepared to take on the enormous economic and political power of the billionaire class, or do we continue to slide into economic and political oligarchy? These are the most important questions of our time, and how we answer them will determine the future of our country.

I personally have to give credit to *anyone* who knows how to use the word “oligarchy” properly in a sentence. Continue reading


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Lesson 1286 – Gotta catch them all

The state sport in New Hampshire recognized by all is our Presidential primary.

Since our kids were little, we’ve been dragging them to political events on both sides so that they could hear what each of the candidates had to say. (One of their all-time favorites was a chili dinner sponsored by John Kerry.)

Many of our evening dinner conversations have covered what we’ve thought about what we’ve heard at each of these events. Trust me when I say that sometimes our discussions can get very lively.

Yesterday, Governor Chris Christie (2016 Presidential Candidate) came to an event at a restaurant the next town over. Marc and I grabbed the girls (everyone else was working) and we hurried on over.

I was a little surprised at the turnout, if you didn’t count the campaign staff and those who were sitting at tables having dinners, you’d be hard pressed to say that there were more than 2 dozen people there. Where is everyone, I wondered.

As it turned out, Christie was there for an endorsement and not a speech (I was disappointed, I had wanted to hear what he had to say) so he just made a quick round of the restaurant, gave a 2 minute announcement and then went outside to talk to what press had showed up. Continue reading

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