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Lesson 1246 – We’ve got your back

Ten days ago we had a snow storm. This weekend, the weather was so nice we were able to spend time in the yard cleaning up from the winter and preparing to eat our meals outside once again.

Like a few others in town (I’ve seen you) we hadn’t taken down the Christmas wreath on our porch. (remember we are the family once that kept our Christmas tree up until March 24th because of a birthday wish.) I figured that as long as we were still getting snow, it could remain. Festive is festive.

This weekend we discovered why this may or may not be a good idea. Continue reading



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Lesson 1245 – Time for a rant

I haven’t had a good rant in a while.

As you might know, our property is bordered by woods that are filled with tall pines. As a result we have tons of wildlife (darn those hawks) and a nice diversity of plant life, including the protected Lady Slipper.

A few weeks back, a letter was sent from the town (we are goverend by a town manager and a town council which consists of elected residents – I know, right?) notifying all of the abutters to the woods that the town was going to do “selective cutting” on the trees.

Selective cutting. To me that means a few trees here, a few trees there.

Apparently to our town though, selective cutting means clear cutting a large (interestingly, it’s a house lot size) “landing area for trucks”, as well as cutting down hundreds and hundreds of trees. All day we’ve been hearing tall pines crashing to the ground. Before we couldn’t see our neighbor’s house, now we will be able to tell what book they are reading on their back porch.


I’m told the town will reap $7,000 from the downed wood. Sap money. Continue reading


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