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Lesson 1192 – Quotable Chicks

Friday’s Quotes for the Chicks

 2013-08-25 13.07.23

Seize the moment. Don’t expect someone else to do something you want done. If you don’t do it yourself, perhaps no one will. By the same token, don’t put things off to the future. If you don’t do it now, you might never do it at all. Melchor Lim Quotes


Today will be a public service announcement of sorts.

As many of you have probably figured out, I’m not entirely fond of Doctors. As such, I tend to, um, let appointments and tests slide (whatever do I need that for? There’s no history in my family – not gonna happen to me.)

But this year things have changed. A close relative got a very aggressive skin cancer and a (second!) friend also developed cancer. Things are starting to get real.

Last week, I had a baseline examination done by a dermatologist (and let me say that you have to be pretty comfortable with a guy who is leaning over you, has his hands all over your body and who is looking at your skin with a pair of magnifying glasses.) I don’t have to go back for two years and that’s because nothing was found. (And now I can stop worrying about that situation for at least a few years.) Continue reading



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Lesson 1026: The Marzipan Realistic Mammo-graham recipe



For those who may be visiting Lessons Learned from the Flock because of this Mammo-grahams picture that is all over the place (October is Breast Cancer Awareness month), you’ve reached the right place. I am a writer/journalist/blogger located in New Hampshire and I made those cookies for a local recipe swap/pot luck dinner.

Welcome. Continue reading


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