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Lesson 730 – Once Upon a Flock by Lauren Scheuer – Giveaway

Lauren Scheuer is definitely a rare bird. She’s one of those people who has tremendous talent, a huge heart, and is someone who understands chickens  – a winning combination in this game called life. She’s written a book about living with her backyard chickens and forgive me, but I’ve just got to crow about this accomplishment! once-upon-a-flock-cover-3

Lauren and I found each other on Facebook years ago, I had seen her chicken art from her fabulous blog Scratch and Peck, (if you haven’t seen it, go over now and have her illustrations make your day) and she had noticed I wrote about chickens. We started conversing. When chicken people meet chicken people, nothing can stop us. It was a friendship meant to happen.

It was Lauren who invited and organized the NE chicken ladies (Hencam, Tilly’s Nest, Scratch and Peck, and me, Lessons Learned from the flock) to attend the Northeastern Poultry Show two years ago in January.

It was a cold day, the kind of day where you think twice about retrieving your water bottle from your car parked at the far end of the lot. (Then you realize, there’s no need to fetch it because it’s probably frozen solid anyway.) We all showed up at the designated meeting place.  We met.  We clucked with each other over food.  We saw the most incredible chickens.  We left with newly found chicken friends.

And I also came home with Charlie.

charlie lo res

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Lesson 259 – Happy Presidents’ Day

It’s President’s Day, the kids are home for the entire week on school holiday. Trevor made me a chocolate chip waffle with chips that were melty, warm, and gooey.  Just perfect.

Emma is on the phone inviting a friend over and Marc is preparing to take a subset of the kids out for a walk in the woods.  The last few snowflakes from this morning’s flurry are shaking off the branches. It’s still cold but you can smell the promise of a thaw. It’s there if you believe.

A laid back gift of a day at home, no pressure, no commitments, no schedules to keep. the way holidays should be. There’s a roast in the Crockpot, everyone is in their comfy clothes and we’re all relaxed, glad to just be here. Together.

Happy President's Day


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