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Lesson 730 – Once Upon a Flock by Lauren Scheuer – Giveaway

Lauren Scheuer is definitely a rare bird. She’s one of those people who has tremendous talent, a huge heart, and is someone who understands chickens  – a winning combination in this game called life. She’s written a book about living with her backyard chickens and forgive me, but I’ve just got to crow about this accomplishment! once-upon-a-flock-cover-3

Lauren and I found each other on Facebook years ago, I had seen her chicken art from her fabulous blog Scratch and Peck, (if you haven’t seen it, go over now and have her illustrations make your day) and she had noticed I wrote about chickens. We started conversing. When chicken people meet chicken people, nothing can stop us. It was a friendship meant to happen.

It was Lauren who invited and organized the NE chicken ladies (Hencam, Tilly’s Nest, Scratch and Peck, and me, Lessons Learned from the flock) to attend the Northeastern Poultry Show two years ago in January.

It was a cold day, the kind of day where you think twice about retrieving your water bottle from your car parked at the far end of the lot. (Then you realize, there’s no need to fetch it because it’s probably frozen solid anyway.) We all showed up at the designated meeting place.  We met.  We clucked with each other over food.  We saw the most incredible chickens.  We left with newly found chicken friends.

And I also came home with Charlie.

charlie lo res

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Lesson 728 – Drawing a chicken

My fellow chicken-friend and author; Lauren Scheuer has just written a book “Once Upon a Flock.” On Monday, as I participate in her blog tour, you’ll have a chance to win a copy of it right here.

Until then, though, I want to let you know something else about Lauren. She is an artist and illustrator who has many books and accomplishments under her belt. And on top of that, she is a motivator of a teen.

A few weeks ago when my kids just happened to be on school vacation, Lauren put a post on her blog Scratch and Peck explaining how to draw a chicken. Perfect, I thought to myself, something for my kids to do.

But then one lazy day stretched into another (school vacations for teens is all about sleeping late and then being online  to chat with your friends) and before we knew it, the week had ended with no chicken drawings.

Insert frowny face.

Last night my daughter was working on her portfolio folder for Art class. Her assignment was to individualize the folder so that it showed a little of her personality. Addy was given a completely blank piece of paper, something that had endless possibilities. What an assignment!

And what did she do with it?

She drew two boy cartoons from the internet.


Calling me over, she asked me how I liked it.

The drawings were well done, I told her, but I wasn’t sure how putting boy cartoons on a folder gave people any kind of idea of who you are.

“It’s boys, it’s the internet, they’re funny” – she tried to explain to me.

I sighed.

“You should have at least put a chicken on it,” I told her. “Chickens are a part of your life, you’ve learned so much from being around them.”

“But I don’t know how to draw chickens,” she replied.

Lucky for her, not only did my friend Lauren know how to draw chickens but she also knew how to teach others how to draw chickens. I pointed Addy to Lauren’s post and then I let her look through Lauren’s book that is absolutely *filled* with chicken drawings.

This is Addy’s rough draft –


She made a few adjustments to the design based on what she had seen with our flock and then she drew a chicken on her art folder. The chicken was beautiful, it had color, shading, and you could even detect its personality.  A bit of spark and life that stood out against the drab background of internet duplication.


I knew you could do it Addy, all you needed was a reminder to use your imagination and some gentle words of encouragement from your mom and our chicken-friend Lauren.

It’s simply amazing what you can learn from being around chickens.


I write about the lessons learned while raising children and chickens in New Hampshire. Contact me at Wendy@SimpleThrift.com

Also, join me on Facebook to find out more about the flock (children and chickens) and see some pretty funny chicken jokes, photos of tiny houses, and even  a recipe or two.


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Lesson 557 – Amazing magic in the creative chicken community

Some of the most amazing magic happens when you have chickens and you a full-fledged member of a creative, caring community.

On my Facebook page, I noticed that each day this one particular illustrator/writer – Hazel Mitchell started off with a quick sketch in order to warm up. Hazel has illustrated and written several children’s books. She often draws beautifully innocent pictures that include children, flowers, and animals. Her sketches are gorgeous – full of life and spirit and in each piece she somehow manages to capture a moment of glorious childhood adventure. This was her early morning sketch one morning, it is called “Gifts.”


I don’t know about you but just looking at this picture makes me smile. Sheer whimsical elegance. I shared it on my page and wrote to Hazel telling her that if she ever did a picture of a chicken I would feature it on my blog. She wrote back and we had a conversation (about things we didn’t even know we were going to talk about – the best kinds of conversations) at which point she said that if I sent her my address, she would send me a print of that beautiful cotton-candy-flower-surprise delight. Continue reading


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Lesson 465 – Gnarled inspiration

Guess what? When you have chickens and write about them it makes getting gifts for you very easy. I’ll be showing you some of the most incredible chicken items ever that I was fortunate enough to receive this holiday season.

The first item comes from a very good chicken friend Lauren Scheuer. Lauren is an illustrator who specializes in kids’ books, games and puzzles. She’s done a whole slew of books for American Girl, and her clients include Boston Museum of Science and Roger Williams Zoo. On her blog she draws some of the most amazing pictures of her flock (which includes 7 chickens and one small white dog.)

My favorite by far is Lucy (I know, I know, I don’t really have a favorite, I love them all) Lucy is a special needs chicken, a survivor of Marek’s disease (a tumor producing virus) and she has the most beautiful feather display.

Here is a picture of Pigeon (who was rescued from a cage) with Lucy. Aren’t they gorgeous?

Pigeon and Lucy Photo credit: Lauren Scheuer

And just look at what I opened up on Christmas morning – Continue reading


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Lesson 405 – Lauren Scheuer – a Good Egg

When you choose to have chickens you automatically join a brotherhood (actually, it’s more like a sisterhood) of friends where everyone seems to know your name. Chicken owners can always recognize each other from across crowded rooms, it may be the wood chips in our hair, the chicken tattoo on our wrists (don’t worry mom, I’m not there quite yet) or the calm look in our eyes when we think of reading a book in our backyard surrounded by our gentle, clucking ladies.

Lauren Scheuer author of the blog Scratch and Peck – true stories of a small flock of remarkable individuals – and other critters, is one such person.

For the life of us, we can’t figure out how we connected (obviously there was the chicken thing going on) but we did.

Lauren loves her chickens. I love our chickens. There’s the connection, ’nuff said.

Except that Lauren is also an artist who draws the most incredible pictures of her chickens and their adventures. (The story of her chicken Lil’White going to Petsmart is nothing short of inspired and check out the story of the melon rind feeding.) Her chickens have personalities, they have adventures. My kind of gal.

I’ve never met Lauren (she leaves lots of comments on this blog) but I just know that one day if we do meet, we’ll spend many house chatting about our chicks over coffee and some fresh blueberry buckle (with cream.)

Lauren has graciously let me put a piece of her art up on my blog. Just look at this picture. Doesn’t it make you want to smile? Hearts and chickens – adorable.

Scratch and Peck - Lauren Scheuer Cutest chicken picture ever.

From her website, Lauren describes her life as:

Lauren’s flock includes a special-needs hen named Lucy, a fixer-upper chicken named Pigeon, and Marky the Terrier. Lauren is a professional illustrator specializing in kids’ books, games and puzzles. She’s done a whole slew of books for American Girl, (comment: Addy and Emma! did you read that?) and her clients include Boston Museum of Science and Roger Williams Zoo. Lauren works from home where she can enjoy her critters, her teenage daughter, husband, messy house, facebook,…. When she’s not outside, she can be found inside, looking out.

A special needs chicken???!!!! A messy house????!!!! Clearly chicken owners are without doubt birds of a feather.

Pleased to have you in the flock Lauren! You’re a good egg.

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