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Lesson 1537 – Making Dinner Like a Mom


Everyone is home for the summer, yup that means that we have 8 adults living under one roof.

I like to make evening meals that even those who come in late can still enjoy. But having so many people causes some conflict at dinner time. In the family mix we have vegans, vegetarians, and Neanderthal meat eaters.

What’s a mother to do?

So like a mom, I came up with a rotation solution that would be acceptable for all. During the week we would have:

  • 2 meat dinners
  • 2 vegan dinners
  • 3 vegetarian dinners

Everyone’s happy.

And then like the tricky mom that I am (and always will be), I decided to help my family out in its quest for a healthy diet and I quietly changed the schedule to 1 meat dinner a week and the rest vegan/vegetarian.

And I didn’t tell anyone. Continue reading

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Lesson 1536 – Flag Cake Made Wrong



Flag cake. It’s been a part of all my kids’ childhoods since early on.

So easy to make (especially when you’re busy managing 6 little kids) and yet so dramatically memorable, so literally finger licking good. A tiny pretense of being good for you.

Helpers standing on chairs pulled up to the kitchen counter. Red Stripes becoming straighter over the years as little hands grew and developed coordination.

Every. Single Fourth of July – flag cake sat patiently, a shining jewel at the end of the table, waiting for us all to end our meal so we could finally pay it the proper attention it deserves. Continue reading

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Lesson 1535 – Knitting When Trump Is President

When the Trump administration moved in, like many others , I began spending  many (too many) hours of my nights watching the evening news – rotation after rotation of people discussing the latest political bombshells. Reports on leaks. A lie followed by more. Yet another forgotten Russian meeting.

One can’t watch that kind of constant chaos without having some kind of release. I needed to do something to do with my hands and knitting sounded like just the ticket. Think about it, when you imagine knitters, you think of calm – amiable women sipping iced drinks in the comfortable shade of trees, sharing stories while efficiently knitting baby blankets.

A few weeks ago, I attended a Howto Knit workshop where I learned how to cast onto my bamboo needles (if I’m going to knit I want wooden needles.) I was taught a knit stitch and then when I had that one down, how to purl. I have been knitting off and on since then. It’s something that appealed to my inner granola-wannabe. I had visions of knitting hats and mittens for my family – a way they could wrap my love around and be warm. Continue reading

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