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Lesson 464 – A giant male chicken and how to kill a rooster

It’s been a terrific holiday with all my little chicks at home. We’ve eaten great foods, shared stories of what we’ve done since we last got together, and on New Year’s eve we watched the entire fourth season of The Big Bang Theory.


But now it’s time for the chicklets to get back to their schools and for me to get back into my routine. This being a new year, I have some exciting plans and some new goals. I’ll be sharing these with you as we go on because after all, the best way to be accountable of your actions is to declare to others what it is you hope to accomplish.

Before we get to my first goal, I need to make a small digression. Some of you may remember the fuss I made about chickens not being fully represented at nativity scenes. I went on (and on) about how there were very few chickens and never any roosters. One of my gifts on Christmas morning was this lovely little collection:

The fact that the rooster is absolutely huge in comparison to the lamb and the Christ child just begs for a really obvious non-delicate comment (which trust me, all four of my teenage boys each quickly figured out) but let’s just say that as one who, although not entirely convinced it exists and yet who is not willing to take the chance of forever burning in hell, I’ll just leave it at, “who knew that baby had such a big male chicken.” Continue reading



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