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Lesson 389 – Surviving Hurricane Irene with the flock

I know that a lot of you were worried about us during the hurricane Irene that came up the east coast this past weekend. To be perfectly honest, I was also worried. When you have 6 kids (and 40 chickens and 3 dogs and 1 rabbit) you learn to take storm warnings very seriously.

Before the storm came we stocked up on food for the animals, water, and this most amazing brand of Kettle corn. And then we hunkered down for the winds, bring it on Mother Nature.

Our entire flock retreated to safer places, the chickens to the roost, the rabbit to the shed, and the kids and the dog to the PlayStation room.

First the heavy rains came. The holes dug by our chickens for dust baths quickly filled up.

Then the rain started to collect and was threatening to go over our house’s foundation (that’s a cinder block that’s fully submerged there near the side of the house – and yeah, we have cinder blocks by the side of our house.) Continue reading



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