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Lesson 1275 – The desire to do

This weekend I volunteered at our local YMCA and CPTE run sprint triathlon. I had participated in it as an athlete for the first 2 years, but for the last 4 years, I’ve only been a volunteer helping out with the organization of the race. I usually stand on the dock and try to calm the swimmers down in between waves.

This year, I saw this:


A young man, wheelchair bound and paralyzed from the waist down – Doing. The. Triathlon. With assistance he got into the water and as a swim-buoy supported his legs, he swam on his stomach and when he got tired flipped over onto his back. It was slow. It was laborious.

He finished the swim. And then he went on to do the rest of the race. Continue reading



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Lesson 1274 – Another one gets ready to leave


We had a high school graduation this weekend. Yup, another little chick is getting ready to fly from the nest. It was a lovely day, couldn’t have asked for better weather while Logan, son #4 and child #4 walked the field to get his diploma as we all hooted and hollered.

High school graduations have always been kind of bitter sweet for me. The kids are convinced that they’re now adults. They see that diploma has some sort of license for adulthood, but I, as an adult and the mama hen, know better. Sure they’re getting older, but they still need guidance. They still need clucking over (granted it’s only occasionally these days). Continue reading


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