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Lesson 346 – Have your egg and eat it too

You can just tell that free range eggs are healthier than store bought eggs – the whites are firmer and have more substance, the yolks have a deeper orangey-yellow color, and the taste, well there actually is an egg taste that you don’t get with store eggs.

Some people ask me if I’m worried about cholesterol because of the amount of eggs we eat in our household. Nope, I’m not worried a bit and my reasoning is two-fold:
1.How can a natural uncontaminated food be bad for you?
2.And think of all those farmers from years ago who ate eggs every day of their lives and didn’t have high cholesterol issues.

To be honest, I’m more afraid of a Big Mac’s effect on my health than I am of our chickens’ eggs, but other than a “gut feel” about this, I didn’t really have anything to back up my claims.

Until now.

In a recent issue of Mother Earth News – Wiser Living Series (the magazine for all of us Little House on the Prairie – wanna-bes) they published this beautiful little gem about what’s nutritionally inside of a free-ranged egg. Continue reading



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