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Lesson 557 – Amazing magic in the creative chicken community

Some of the most amazing magic happens when you have chickens and you a full-fledged member of a creative, caring community.

On my Facebook page, I noticed that each day this one particular illustrator/writer – Hazel Mitchell started off with a quick sketch in order to warm up. Hazel has illustrated and written several children’s books. She often draws beautifully innocent pictures that include children, flowers, and animals. Her sketches are gorgeous – full of life and spirit and in each piece she somehow manages to capture a moment of glorious childhood adventure. This was her early morning sketch one morning, it is called “Gifts.”


I don’t know about you but just looking at this picture makes me smile. Sheer whimsical elegance. I shared it on my page and wrote to Hazel telling her that if she ever did a picture of a chicken I would feature it on my blog. She wrote back and we had a conversation (about things we didn’t even know we were going to talk about – the best kinds of conversations) at which point she said that if I sent her my address, she would send me a print of that beautiful cotton-candy-flower-surprise delight. Continue reading



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