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Lesson 1569 – Burning the candle on one end


When I was young my mother always burned a bayberry candle on New Year’s eve. The legend I learned was that if you burned the candle down to nub then luck and prosperity would visit you in the next year.

As it turned out Marc’s mother also burned a bayberry candle, so it wasn’t that odd to him that one year when we had to leave our candle burning inside the bathtub when we went to a New Year’s eve party. (In hindsight I ask myself “what the heck were we thinking? What’s the good of luck and money if your house burns down?!) Fortunately, our candle burned down and the house didn’t catch on fire.

That’s some pretty strong luck right there.

Anyway, the kids are older, parties are the things they go out to, not us. Our family went out to an early dinner and then those who stayed home settled down for the night under blankets and with books, videos, and never-ending appetizers.

But even though our celebrations have evolved, I still burned our candle. Some things just don’t change. (And quite frankly, who wants to take the chance of bad luck visiting?) Continue reading



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